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Best of 2013 .. Part 2.

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To all that have contributed to the best of 2013 lists and also donated to the site, thank you. I’ve still to reply to some people yet as I’ve had a couple of days away from the site but I’ll be in touch with you all by the end of this weekend.

As you’ll know we’re offering an incentive for you to write these lists CDs. They include some of the best of 2013 that we were able to entice from our dear bootleggers and some rarer items that we’re offering this year.

If you have been in touch with your best ofs already, check your inboxes, if you’re still to do it and need a little push, check out the list of ‘prizes’ that we’re offering you just for typing up a list and embellishing it if you wish.

Send all your entries to collectorsmusicreviews(at)yahoo(dot)com. You have until the 31st of January to enter but please let us know if you need a little more time. 

Bob Dylan – Dimestore Medicine (Wildcard)
Fleetwood Mac – Have We Got New Green Blues For You Now (Godfather)
Eric Clapton – The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton (Yellow Dog)
Bob Dylan – Thunder Rolls Through Many Nights (Godfather)
Traffic – In A Field Of Their Own (Godfather)
Pink Floyd – Another Movie In Long Island (Godfather)
Kate Bush – The Tour of Life (Godfather)
Kraftwerk – Computer World In Tokyo (no label)
Led Zeppelin – IV Pecko Duck Edition (no label)
Patti Smith – A Real Good time Together w/Bruce (Godfather)
Bob Dylan – You Will Remember My Name (Godfather)
The Ducks (Neil Young) – Summer Of The Ducks (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – Serenade To Rome (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – Man At The Top (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – Lucille (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – You Never Can Tell (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – We’re Going To Play It Loose Tonight (Godfather)
Bruce Springsteen – Our Love Is Real: Five Times San Siro (Godfather)


*Cover image stolen from www.thedarksideofthemoon.co.uk

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