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coming soon on Tarantura

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The Tarantura label are busy preparing for their next round of releases which include a remaster and several new recordings from the Mr. Peach archives.  None have labels or artwork yet, but samples have been posted online as a preview. 

Led Zeppelin comes from the first Earls Court show on May 17th, 1975.  This will be a three disc set and will be part of a series featuring all five of the shows Zeppelin played in Earls Court that year.

Rainbow will have a release of the December 7th, 1976 show at Nagoyashi Kokaido.

Kiss will have a rare release on the Tarantura label.  This will feature the March 26th, 1977 show in Kyoto.

And finally Eric Clapton will have the December 3rd, 1979 show in the Budokan released.

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coming soon on Tarantura, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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