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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

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Although this year we had some sad news – the sudden passing of Gerard Sparaco and some of you may also know Skip Gildersleeve who was an active reader of our site, I still continue to give thanks for my little good health and my music to enjoy daily.

I also like to apologize for the intermittent technical issues on this website, as the webmaster continue to rectify the problems. The webmaster however, did mention that the “theme” of our website is more than 6 years old and a lot of “technical” stuff has changed since then. Especially the security aspect of the sites. The old programming coding on the “theme” of the website may contain loopholes for hackers to hijack the site away. I hope you understand what the webmaster means as I don’t fully comprehend these technical issues.

We do continue to encourage you to shop for your Thanksgiving and Christmas items through the links below. One of our read made an excellent recommendation (thank you for very much S.C.) for regular Amazon shoppers, that is to CLICK on the below link and go to the respective Amazon sites of your country and then bookmark the link on your browser, so that every time you shop from Amazon, you can use “our Amazon link” to do your shopping. If you need further clarification on how to do this, please CONTACT US.

Once again, I like to wish all of you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013, 4.6 out of 5 based on 4 ratings