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May 29th, 2008 news: Tarantura, Going To California Final Edition and new Apocalypse Sound and Godfather

The Tarantura label has reissued Going To California again.  The two discs covering Led Zeppelin’s September 14th, 1971 show was first released by Tarantura several years ago in a four disc set with the hard to find September 13th concert.  This is limited to only 100 copies. 

Apocalypse Sound have four DVDs coming out in June.  Queen Japanese Jewels (AS 141) contains a rare Japanese television documentary televised in 2004. 

Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation Listen To This Dragon! (AS 142) has the EXIT festival in Serbia, with bonus clips from the Cornbury Music Festival and Caprices Festival in Switzerland. 

Madonna Are You Feeling Satisfaction? (AS 143) has a broadcast from Madonna’s Hard Candy Promo Tour from May 10th, 2008, Live Earth from last summer, and various other television appearances. 

Iron Maiden Ed Force One Route To Brazil (AS 144) contains the March 5th, 2008 show from Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Godfather Records has four new titles coming out.  Kiss Electric Magic (GR 276) contains a soundboard from The Brewery, East Lansing, Michigan on October 21st, 1974. 

Oasis Dreams Is A Record Machine:  Demos From 21st Century And More (GR 279) contains demos and live bonus tracks.  This also comes with a miniature poster. 

The Rolling Stones Welcome To The Voodoo Lounge (GR 277/278) contains the complete soundboard from the August 14th, 1994 from Giants Stadium.  There are also bonus tracks from the February 25th, 1994 South Africa show and August 1st, 1994 concert in Washington DC.

Bruce Springsteen Something In Those Nights – Magic Tour, 3rd Leg Gems (GR 280/281/282) is a three disc set containing all of the rarities from the Magic tour.  This also has two six page booklets and looks like a phenomenal production. 

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  1. You’ve got it right. I don’t like them. I don’t like them for the simple reason that the label is total crap. What, it’s a good thing that they take fan remasters and get people to pay them for it?

    And the funny thing is, people know this, and yet keep buying their titles. Why, because it comes in a pretty package? Plenty of boot labels make releases with pretty packages. But none of them release such sub-standard releases, much less copies of other people’s work. Yet, anytime someone critizes this hackjob of a label, the Tarantura 2000 gang comes out of the woodworks. If you’re the type that likes paying hundreds of dollars for rip-offs, then they’re the label for you. But, hey, I’m not here to tell anyone what to do with their money. Go ahead, buy em up!

    The original Tarantura was a great label, TDOLZ was a great label. Empress Valley is a great label. And even Wendy and Scorpio have proved that they too are nice labels. Tarantura 2000 is crap.

    But don’t let me do all of the talking, please someone tell me something about Tarantura 2000 that contradicts my claim. Prove that they don’t consistently copy fan remasters. And, while you’re at it, name me a single title of theirs that still holds up. And one, by the way, that ISN’T a copy of another’s work. What, the Diploma? Which is what, 1 out of 60? Yeah, great label.

  2. You mean you haven’t even heard it yet?? Yet you say…”this is no assumption, just fact.” We have a bootleg psychic in our midst! Since you have no knowledge of this particular release (by your own admission), this so called “fact” must be due to your disdain for the label itself. Ok…I get it now….thanks!

  3. The only dangerous thing here is actually buying releases from this label.

    Unless you like wasting your money.

    This is no assumption, just fact. Check the other releases I mentioned above. 100% fact that Tarantura copied every one of them. Moving the cue markers on the tracks doesn’t hide anything. Most of the time they don’t even bother to do that.

    If they didn’t copy dadgad’s version here, then I would check this release against the Zeppelin Digital version that came before it, or Shout to the Top’s version, etc.

    And if they didn’t copy anyone, then congrats to them for changing their normal practice. But I’ll believe it when I see/hear it.

  4. astroidbelt…king of the assumption. It’s dangerous to assume too much without the required knowledge. This is NOT a copy of a DADGAD remaster. Not even close.

  5. Yes, that is the front and back cover of the new Tarantura.

  6. Is the photo of GOING TO CALIFORNIA of the new CD set?

  7. So, we can assume that the Tarantura 2000 title of Zeppelin 9/14/71 is a copy of Dadgad’s excellent remaster of the familiar vinyl from a few years ago, given that the vast majority of releases that the “new” version of that label has done have been copies of fanmade releases. Winston (3/16/73, 3/22/73, 5/14/73 aud, 5/19/73, 6/22/72, etc.), Eddie Edwards (9/19/70 afternoon), Zeppelin Digital (6/23/77)…

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