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new Beatles on Medusa

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Medusa Records released two further volumes in their Moggology series.  Volume 3 (MD-006/7) features file xxtractions From ‘Rockband’ remastered And Re-Constructed.

DISC 1 1.SGT.PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND(Take 9 mono) 2.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Take 10-Piano+Percussion mono TK1) 3.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Take 10-Guiter mono TK2) 4.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Take 10-Drums mono TK3)5.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Take 10-Hammond mono TK4) 6.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Sl onto Take 11-Base+Tambourine+Snare mono TK2) 7.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Sl onto Take 11-Vocal Harmonies+Guiter mono TK3) 8.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Sl onto Take 11-Lead Vocal+Organ mono TK4) 9.WITH A LITTLE HELP…(Sl onto Take 11-All Vocals stereo TK3+4) 10.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take7 stereo) 11.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take7-Acoustic mono TK1+4) 12.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take7-Lowrey Organ mono TK2) 13.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take7-Drums mono TK3) 14.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take8-All Vocals mono TK2+3) 15.LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS(Take8-Bass+Guiter mono TK4) 16.GETTING BETTER(Take7+Sl onto Take12-Drums mono TK1+TK2 Partial) 17.GETTING BETTER(Take7+Sl onto Take15-Guiter mono TK3+TK4 Partial)

DISC 2 1.GETTING BETTER(Sl onto Take12-Bass mono TK2 Partial) 2.GETTING BETTER(Take7+Sl onto Take12+15-mono TK3+TK4 Partial) 3.GETTING BETTER(Sl onto Take14-All Vocals mono TK3) 4.FIXING A HOLE(Take2-Drums+Bass monoTK1)5.FIXING A HOLE(Take2-Harpsichord monoTK2) 6.FIXING A HOLE(Take2+Sl onto Take3-Double-Tracked Guiter monoTK3)7.FIXING A HOLE(Take2+Sl onto Take3-Lead Vocals monoTK4) 8.FIXING A HOLE(Sl onto Take3-Backing Vocals monoTK2)9.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 mono) 10.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7-Bass mono TK1) 11.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7-Drums+Tambourine mono TK3) 12.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 -Harmonium mono TK4 Partial)13.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 Mixdown-Organ mono TK3 v1 Long) 14.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 Mixdown-Organ mono TK3 v2 Short) 15.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 Mixdown-Vocals+Organ mono TK4 v1 Long)16.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 Mixdown-Vocals+Organ mono TK4) 17.THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE(Take7 Mixdown-Calliope mono TK5+4 Partial) 18.WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU(Take1- Tabla+Swarmandel mono TK1) 19.WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU(Take1- Tamboura mono Tk2)

And Volume 4 (MD-008/9) has:  

DISC 1 1.WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU (Take1- Dilrubas mono Tk3+4) 2.WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU(Sl onto Take2- Orchestra mono Tk3) 3.WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU(Sl onto Take1- Vocals+Sitar mono Tk4) 4.WHEN I’M 64(take2 mono) 5.WHEN I’M 64(take2 mono Speed Corrected) 6.WHEN I’M 64(take1-Drums+Guiter monoTK1) 7.WHEN I’M 64(take2-Piano mono TK2) 8.WHEN I’M 64(take2-Bass mono TK3) 9.WHEN I’M 64(Sl onto take2-Lead Vocals monoTK4) 10.WHEN I’M 64(Sl onto take4-Backing Vocals +Bell mono Tk3) 11.WHEN I’M 64(Sl onto take4-Clarinets mono TK4) 12.LOVELY RITA(Take8-Partial mono) 13.LOVELY RITA(Take8-Guiter +Partial Piano mono TK4 Partial ) 14.LOVELY RITA(Take8-Drums mono TK3) 15.LOVELY RITA(Take8-Piano Partial mono TK4 Partial ) 16.LOVELY RITA(Sl onto take9-Bass mono TK2) 17.LOVELY RITA(Sl onto take9-Lead Vocals monoTK3+4) 18.LOVELY RITA(Sl onto take11-Backing Vocals + Piano mono Tk4)

DISC 2 1.SGT.PEPPER(REPRISE)( Take9-Rhythm Sections monoTK1) 2.SGT.PEPPER(REPRISE) (Take9-Bass Overdub monoTK2) 3.SGT.PEPPER(REPRISE) (Take9-Percussion monoTK3) 4.SGT.PEPPER(REPRISE)( Take9-Vocals monoTK4) 5.SGT.PEPPER(REPRISE)( Take9-SFX mono) 6.A DAY IN THE LIFE( Take4-With Overdubs mono) 7.A DAY IN THE LIFE( Take4-Guiter+Piano+Maracas+Congas mono TK1) 8.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Sl onto Take5-Drums+Bass +Percussion monoTK3) 9.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Sl onto Take6-All Vocals+Piano monoTK2) 10.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Sl onto Take6-All Vocals+Piano stereo TK2) 11.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Take(b)Orchestra mono Tk4+Tape2) 12.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Take(b)Orchestra stereo Tk4+Tape2) 13.A DAY IN THE LIFE(Take(b)Orchestra+Clavichord mono Tk4+Tape2)

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new Beatles on Medusa, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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