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new Beatles

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Newly released is The Beatles Revolver – Some Product - (JPGR-1001/1002) containing altnerate takes of the album from various different sources:

DISC 1:  01. Taxman (Anthology Mix) / 02. Eleanor Rigby ( “Love”Mix) / 03. I’m Only Sleeping (Take11/Alternate Ending) 04. Love You To (Indian Instruments, Guitar & Vocal-Track 6) 05. Here, There and Everywhere (From The Single “Real Love”) / 06. Yellow Submarine (From The Single “Real Love”) 07. She Said She Said (U.S. Mono Mix) / 08. Good Day Sunshine (U.S. Mono Mix) 09. And Your Bird Can Sing (Take 2/with Overdubs) / 10. For No One (Anthology Mix) 11. Doctor Robert (An Other Alternate Mix) / 12. I Want To Tell You (Alternate Stereo Mix) 13. Got To Get You Into My Life (U.S. Mono Mix) / 14. Tomorrow Never Knows (Anthology Mix) 15. Mellotron Improvisation (Home Recording/Version #4) / 16. Paperback Writer (Take 2) / 17. Rain (Anthology Mix) 18. Eleanor Rigby (Paul’s Home Recording) / 19. Rain (1988 Past Masters Mix) 20. JESUS AFFAIR PRESS CONFERENCE (August 1966)

DISC 2:  01. Taxman (RockBand Remix) / 02. Eleanor Rigby (Yellow Submarine Rough Movie Mixes) / 03. I’m Only Sleeping (Take 1) 04. Love You To (Basic Track) / 05. Here There And Everywhere (Alternate Stereo Mix) 06. Yellow Submarine (RockBand Remix) / 07. She Said She Said (Psychedelic mix) 08. Good Day Sunshine (Paul’s Lead Vocal) / 09. And Your Bird Can Sing (Take10/Full Remix) 10. For No One (Alternate Stereo Mix) / 11. Doctor Robert (Take7/with Harmonium, Rhythm & Double Vocals) 12. I Want To Tell You (U.S. Mono Mix) / 13. Got To Get You Into My Life (Anthology Mix) 14. Tomorrow Never Knows (Void Mix) / 15. Paperback Writer (1988 Past Masters Mix) / 16. Rain (Extended Remix) 17. Here, There And Everywhere (Monitor Mix/Take 14/New Composite Mix) / 18. Eleanor Rigby/Julia (Transition) 19. Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows (From The Album “Love”) 20. Paperback Writer (Live In Japan 1966)

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