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New Eric Clapton on Tarantura

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The Tarantura label will issue another previously uncirculated Eric Clapton tape soon.  Blues All Day Long(TCDEC-44) is a three disc set containing the October 5th, 1995 show at the Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijoh Daiichi-Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan with the following set list:

DISC 0 / The Documentary / TCDEC-44-0;
01. JR Shinjuku Station.
02. JR Yoyogi Station.
03. JR Harajuku Station.
04. Ticket Bending Machine at Harajuku Station.
05. Ticket Dealers.
06. Noodle Stands.
07. Go to Arena of Yoyogi Olympic Pool.
08. Ticket and Camera Check.
09. Goods Stands.
10. Go to the seat.
11. Being seated.
12. Announcement.
13. Announcement for goods.
14. Announcement for tickets.
15. Announcement.
16. Announcement for goods.
17. Announcement for tickets.
18. Announcement.
19. Announcement for goods.
20. Announcement for tickets.
21. Buzzer ~ Opening Announcement.
22. Announcement before Opening.
23. Turned off the lights.
24. EC appearances.
25. Motherless Child.

DISC 1 / Concert Part One / TCDEC-44-1;
01. Buzzer ~ Opening Announcement.
02. Announcement before Opening.
03. Turned off the lights.
04. EC appearances.
05. Motherless Child.
06. Malted Milk.
07. From Four Till Late.
08. How Long Blues.
09. Kidman Blues.
10. I’m Gonna Cut Your Head.
11. Forty-Four Blues.
12. Blues All Day Long.
13. Standing Around Crying.
14. Hoochie Coochie Man.
15. It Hurts Me Too.
16. Third Degree.
17. Reconsider Baby.
18. Sinner’s Prayer.
19. Everyday I Have The Blues.

DISC 2 / Concert Part Two / TCDEC-44-2;
01. Groanin’ The Blues.
02. Before You Accuse Me.
03. Someday After A While.
04. I’m Tore Down.
05. Have You Ever Loved A Woman.
06. Crossroads.
07. Five Long Years.
08. Ain’t Nobody’s Business.
09. Ending Announcement.
10. Exit Announcement.
11. Ticket Information.
12. Opening Rear Exits of the Arena .
13. Ticket Information.
14. Leaving The Seat.
15. Goods Stands.
16. Exit for Harajuku Station.
17. Ticket Stand.
18. Goes to Harajuku Station.
19. Layla (Budokan 3rd Dec 2001, from the DAT Master).

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  1. Avatar of eric99
    eric99 says
    February 6, 2009, 8:24 am

    I noticed this is for sale already. What the heck is with all of the announcements, seating and so forth?
    This is the second Tarantura set like this, I have the other from the ’93 tour, which I don’t recommend really either, saying that as a Clapton fan also.

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