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Rolling Stones – Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2015

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The Rolling Stones – Indianapolis Motor Speedway 2015 (no label) is a 2CD set from ...


  1. Thanks to someone who took the hint, we can promise reviews of both of the new Graf Zeppelin releases posted shortly (Newport and Montreux). We’ll do a thorough comparison of the new Montreux 71 with Pete’s PA, the previous silver release of this show.

  2. The tape ranks very good but the problem is a constant hiss throughout so if the label reduced it, then it should be a good one to get.

  3. It wasn’t recorded outside. That’s a myth. We could post a review if more donations came in (hint hint).

  4. Somebody please review this baby.
    I’m getting on the “71 groove and I have read good and bad things about this show and the quality of the recording. Is it complete?, was it really recorded from the outside speakers? does the sound really change when they opened the door?
    It has been released several times, is this better, same, worst??

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