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  1. Yes Eelgrass just released their version and a review will be posted in the next couple of days. I doubt there will be a review of West Of Sunset.

  2. EelGrass have also released their version too. Doesn’t come with a T shirt though!

  3. These are not rumours – I was told that all soundboards are in the hands of few people in USA/Japan and are leaked out sometimes to the collectors with big wallets what means we possibly will never hear raw and unedited versions of these precious gems.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention, but isn’t there also an Eelgrass version of EV available too…?

  5. Will there be a CMR review of this title…?

  6. That was reallllly fast. How long has the EV title been out? 4 weeks? Never heard of the White Summer label, but they must’ve had this in pre-production, just waiting for the discs from EV to come out.

    Talk about some turnaround time!

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