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new Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Mountain, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Jeff Beck on DVD!

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Another unique tape source has surfaced for Led Zeppelin’s second show in Tokyo in 1972.  Role To Play (no label) is a 2CD set with the seventh tape to surface of the October 3rd, 1972 Budokan show.  A gap in the tape has been plugged with the Majestic Rock tape source.

King Crimson Amsterdam 1973 (no label) is a one CD title with a 1976 Japanese radio broadcast of the November 23rd, 1973 show.

Mountain Budokan 1973 (no label) is a one disc title with the August 25th, 1973 show.

 Deep Purple King Of Kings (no label) is a 3CD title with needle drops of three Japanese pressings of In Rock, Machine Head and Made In Japan.

Black Sabbath Headless In Agora (Zodiac 003) is a one disc title with the June 14th, 1989 Cleveland show.

Also out now on DVD is Jeff Beck What Mama Said In Tokyo.  This is an upgrade of the pro-shot television broadcast of the June 2nd, 1989 show at the International Forum in Tokyo.  This looks very promising for Jeff Beck fans.  

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