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new Led Zeppelin, Rainbow and Rolling Stones on DAC

Led Zeppelin Stoke 1973 contains the January 15th, 1973 Stoke soundboard recording.   

 Rainbow Definitive Gone Wild contains the Budokan show on May 9th, 1980


And new on Dog N Cat What Am I Living For? with more outakes from the late seventies.

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  1. Good. They tend to have some quality releases.

  2. eric99….yes I believe the Zeppelin Stoke 73 IS a NO LABEL release.

  3. Is the new Zepp a no label, label release?

  4. Boy, do I ever agree with your “definitive” comment, aleebeee. A new and improved adjective must be used for rehashes of previously released concerts. Plus, given Tarantura’s superb release of Rainbow’s May 9, 1980 concert, in 2 separate sources that include a Mr. Peach, to describe a separate release of this concert as “definitive” is highly suspicious, and simply not believable.

  5. Another ‘Definitive (Insert-title-of-previously-released-tape)’ release?

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