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More Rainbow titles.  Down To Frontier (Darker Than Blue 110/111/112) is a 3CD set with three shows from 1979, Chicago, Long Island and Denver, and Innocent Victims Complete (Darker Than Blue 108/109) has the May 12th, 1980 show in Tokyo. 

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  1. I have to say, I’m somewhat disapointed by Down To Frontier, having been really excited by the news oif it. CD1, the Chicago Amphitheatre, IS a little better than ‘Rise Over Chicago’, but it sounds as if that tape was never particulalry good to begin with, with distortion and hiss.

    CD2, from Denver, is not as good as ‘Plugged Into Denver’, IMO. There’s not a lot in it, but the sound is crisper in the older title.

    CD3, Calderone, LI, is not as good as the ‘Roger’s Birthday Party’ CDR I got as a bonus with a Power Gate title, ‘Gone Wild’.

    If you have none of the above, then Down To Frontier is a worthwhile purchase; I see it as a wasted opportunity to give us the ‘definitive edition’ of each of the sources, alas.

  2. Down to frontier looks like a good purchase. I love the Bonnet era Rainbow short lived but pure class. The eye’s of the world should be on this release.Keep Rocking one and all.

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