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New releases for July 21st, 2008

Wendy finally has an interesting Led Zeppelin release coming out soon.  The Nobs (Wendy WECD-124/125) is a two disc set with the February 28th, 1970 at the KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Famous for being the show where they changed their name for one night to appease the nut Eva Von Zeppelin, this tape hasn’t been released in about fifteen years and has been very difficult to find.

Pink Floyd Labyrinths Of Coral Caves (Sigma 18) is a two disc set featuring the September 18th, 1971 Montreux appearance. 

Pink Floyd Creative Intelligence (Sigma 19) is a three disc set with the December 9th, 1974 Manchester show.  Sigma chose to press the first set on disc one, the second set on disc two, and the encore “Echoes” on its own disc.  This is a practice this label used with past titles even though the entire show could fit on two. 

Judas Priest Midnight Explosion is a no label release with the May 23rd, 1986 St. Louis KBFH soundboard recording. 

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