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new Rolling Stones!

The Rolling Stones L.A. Friday (RS750713) features the July 13th, 1975 show at the Forum in Los Angeles, California, from the Rolling Stones’ Archives. 

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  1. Where did you hear only 3 more to come kads? With all the shows they must have in their archive that would be a dissapointment. Hopefully 2 of them will be complete shows from 69 and 72.

  2. There’s only 3 more to come. Next up is Atlantic City 89 I heard.

  3. I received this 2 cd set this week and have to say is stunning. Fantastic multitrack mix with Keef in the right channel and Woody in the left. Anyone who doubts Woodys playing needs to get this show. It blows away the Mike Millard tape IMHO. Keeping my fingers crossed that the Stones eventually release a complete 1969 U.S. TOUR multitrack and the complete 1972 MSG show would be fantastic. Kudos to the Stones for finally opening the vaults….

  4. I’m with you Lordbud (obviously). I have a copy of this baby coming and will post a review. It looks like an exciting release.

  5. Even if RSA starts the groundbreaking business paradigm shift of selling downloadable flacs to the US I won’t bother. I will pick and choose as to which bootleg CDs I want to purchase for far more money. Idiots…

  6. Fantastic!!! cool, very cool….you must need it !! Complete …great remaster. Core collection !

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