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New silver Dr. Ebbetts

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The silver Dr. Ebbetts label have released twelve new titles.

UK EP Collection Vol. 1 (DBM-060)

UK singles collection Vol. 1 (DBM-062)

UK EP collection Vol. 2 (DBM-061)

UK singles collection Vol. 2 (DBM-063)

Conozca A The Beatles (DBM-056) is the Mexican stereo pressing of Meet The Beatles!

The Beatles’ Hottest Hits (DBM-055) is a greatest hits collection from Denmark in mono

Rarities (DBM-053) is the US mono and stereo LP from the late seventies

Reel Music (DBM-054) is the US stereo compilation of music from The Beatles’ movies

Twist And Shout (DBM-052A/B) is a 2CD set with the Canadian mono and stereo mixes

Vol. 2 (DBM-057) is the Mexican mono_stereo mixes of the second album released in that country

Vol. 3 (DBM-58) is the mono_stereo mixes of the third Mexican Beatles album

Vol. 4 (DBM-059) is the stereo mix of the fourth Mexican Beatles album

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