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The SODD label have three new releases:

SODD 091  Beggars Banquet Beta Mixes  1CD  outtakes.

SODD 92/93  GOLDEN ERA 1969-1974 vol. 1  2CD Sep. 1, 1973.

SODD 94  GOLDEN ERA 1969-1974 vol. 2  1CD  July 18, 1972.

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  1. There was a report in the UK press recently that claimed the Stones would go on tour either later this year or early next. Apparently the delay on announcing a new tour was attributable to a possible tour by a reformed(?)Faces with Rod Stewart. Now he’s confirmed it’s not happening, Ron Wood is free for a Stones tour.

  2. And what makes you so sure the Stones will never tour again??

  3. At least that new Beatles bootleg looks like a winner; should arrive in a few days.
    These “announced releases” from SameOlDsameolD are shockingly redundant.
    The Stones aren’t going to tour again, so the hoarders should began leaking their tapes…about bloody time.

  4. You’re correct these titles look redundant, and there are no plans to post reviews.

  5. Cover of the BB outtakes looks kinda similar to Cool Blokes RSVP release; wonder if the tracks will turn out to be the same? As for the Golden Era titles, do we need ’em? We’ve just had Godfather and DnC put out their titles for much of the same era so unless these are radically different I can’t see the point. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong when they’re reviewed.

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