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New Theme and your Feedback

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As most of you are aware, we are making major changes around here. The feedback we received mostly positive and some “not so kind”

Firstly, we need to explain a few things here:

1) Why we need to change the theme?

As explained a month or two ago, the old theme has security flaws and all the “codings” underneath need to be re-coded. It will cost thousand over dollars if not, in the high range of hundred to hire a programmer to run through the entire website to patch up all the codes. So we chose a cheaper option, which is to pay for the NEW theme template ($55) and another $150 for a programmer to customize the site to our requirements.

2) I know some people like it and some people don’t. As in everything in life, changes will take some time to adapt. Please be patience with us as we make the changes, tweaking, adjustments to the site. There are a lot of great features in this new template and adding content and features will be easy for lay people like us who are basically interested in music more than handling website technicalities.

3) We are also testing out a forum feature in this new template, which allow all comments directed to a forum page for discussion. From the forum, you can see which title is on discussion right away. For example : http://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/forums/forum/bob-dylan-discussions/. We do hope this new forum feature will be actively use.

4) One feature we have disabled (temporarily) at the moment is the requirements to “log-in” in order to view all the content of the website. We also like your feedback as to whether users need to log-in to view the content especially now we have a forum.

5) Speed of the website. We have improve on the loading speed of the entire website compared to a few months ago. With the new theme, and added features, the site may slow down once again. However, the great thing is of moving to this new existing server we are on is that, it is easily scalable in performance for an increment of only $10 per month. Nevertheless, we are continuing to work with the programmer to optimize the entire website to make it load faster for everyone.

6) Lastly, we like your feedback on what features you like to have from the previous theme and what other improvement you like to see in this new theme. Please leave your comments on feed back below. We are humans and not robots, so make each point of your feedback in bullet or listing them in point form for easy reading.

Once again, we ask for your patience as we implement each feature slowly. Everyone here has a day job and a family to take care off. So don’t expect LIVE customer support feature. You can also Contact Us here for other related matters which you do not want to post in the comments below.

I have been staying up for the past few nights making the site work. If you like to buy me a cup of Joe while I continue to make improvement to the site, it will be greatly appreciated.

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New Theme and your Feedback, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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    As most of you are aware, we are making major changes around here. The feedback we received mostly positive and some “not so kind” Firstly, we need to
    [See the full post at: http://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/announcements/new-theme-and-your-feedback/]

    Profile photo of Michael

    It seems like there are no feedback whatsoever left in the comments. I guess everyone is happy with things now.

    We have make the site load faster — in fact much faster from my side. Please give your comments on your experience of the speed. so we know the money spent on speeding up the site was worth it

    So far, I only find the font size a too little too small for my ageing eyes to read. So i have requested the programmer to increase the size, other than that, there are nothing to work on – I will have to release him (end the contract) from his job. Any further additional improvement or changes, will be additional payment to him already.

    So please give us your feedback soon.

    Profile photo of James

    It fine – I can find what I’m looking for. Its been some time since the Bootleg Encyclopaedia days. You might want to fix the Godfather option on the pages menu as it overlaps the actual menu however its a small niggle and hardly worth mentioning

    Profile photo of Michael

    thank you James for the feedback. We have corrected it. We also slim down the Menu for Label and Artists as it contains too. So we listed those TOP number of posts categories in the navigational menu. Anyone cannot find what they want, should use the “Search” bar.

    Profile photo of Naylor

    Thanks for all the work to improve this very valuable online music resource – it is much appreciated! Had just a skim through and would suggest a few ‘nice to have’ but not essential tweaks (1) After choosing the “Label” drop down menu, you then select a label and get the results. It would be nice to see a thumbnail of the label’s logo by the label’s name, at the top. (2) When you see the initial brief summary of the CD titles for a label it would be nice to see thumbnails of each front cover by the CD title. (3) Please can you switch to a black font on a white background – it would be a stronger contrast and easier to read. My two cents.. Cheers! :-)

    Profile photo of James

    I like Naylors number 2 item as its a recurrent theme and works well, as well as that I would rearrange the dropdowns to bring artists and labels more to the left after ‘About us’, also I would disregard the menu items at the bottom of the page.
    I am not sure about a forum, I use this as a dedicated objective information resource and actively jump on dedicated fan sites to discuss what colour trousers Page was wearing on a certain night in 1973 if I feel inclined, at present people tend to discuss recordings in the comments section of each release if its of interest to them which I personally think is sufficient and more to the point relevant, I’ll leave that up to you however.

    Profile photo of Michael

    Thank you Naylor for feedback.
    1) Yes, i do understand about the thumbnail for each category. That is called a Featured Image function which on the previous theme, we did not update the featured image. so all the thousands of OLD post, it will have to be done manually (as far as i know) to add the image. example, i added one featured image :


    it will take time to add them, but we will do it

    2) Yes, we are going to put up thumbnail for just about every post. The new post recently have the thumbnails. We will be working on archive reviews

    3) Yes, we like the Black theme too. We intentionally switch to White just to get feedback going. :)

    Thank you again. Cheers!

    Profile photo of Luciano

    I liked the changes you´ve made here. My major complaint was that I could not find any CD by title or band. Now it´s possible. I used to prefer the old theme. But if it was necessary to change it, so here we go.
    Here is my house of boots, so whatever it comes to make it better, it´s alright for me.
    Thank you for the space for feedback and for the recordings informations.

    Profile photo of Michael

    Thank you James for the feedback
    1) Ok. i will ask the webmaster to move the two menus to the left. its great idea

    2) As for Menu at the bottom, we will remove it and include some else.

    3) Ok, the forum — still not being used. in fact, some may not know, posting the comments here already goes to the forum. look :


    so a user can see all the latest topics on discussion. Basically, its like a comment but, a user can view all the discussions on the reviewed titles going on.

    Thank you again for the feedback. I look forward to more feedback to improve the site.

    Profile photo of Matsui

    I like the changes. yes, do keep it in black. i also like the bigger fonts and more spacing. its make reading easier. however, on some older post, i believe a “BOLD” fonts was used and its makes the reading a strain on the eyes.but no big deal.

    hi, “whobynumbers” — i can see two search BARs. one at the top. and one on the sidebar. both a little too close to each other. the search bar is there for you to search. i manage to find what i want from the search, not unless your search title is not in the archives.

    Profile photo of kotzkarnickel

    1) Please give us back the black background with white lettering!
    2) please use the correct label names! It’s not “Godfather Label” but “The Godfatherecords” and “The Godfather Box” !
    This counts for the other labels too!

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