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New this month on Godfather

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U2 Hold On Tightly (GR 438) with an audience recording from the Lloyd Noble Center in Oklahoma on June 10th, 1983. 

Pink Floyd Animals On Empire (GR 439/440) offers the March 18th, 1977 Wembley show from the animals tour.  This looks to be a great Floyd release, especially since our favorite Floyd label Sigma have gone off on a bizarre tangent of late.  And for some reason the big Floyd labels have totally ignored Pink Floyd’s British shows from the Animals tour. 

Elvis Presley Strung Out In Vegas(GR 441/442) offers his September 2nd, 1974 show from the Las Vegas Hilton.  This is a two CD soundboard recording of one of the low points of his career.  It should be fascinating. 

Coldplay Postcards From Glasgow (GR 445) has a soundboard from September 16th in Glasgow. 

Bob Dylan If You Ever Go To Dublin (GR 446/447) has the May 5th, Dublin show with bonus material from the April 15th concert in Milan.

Kings Of Leon Be Somebody (GR 450) has a soundboard recording from their set at the Reading Festival.

U2 Kings Of Croker (GR 443/444) contains the July 25th Dublin show with bonus tracks from the following night. 

U2 Greetings From Giants Stadium, N.J. (GR 448/449) has the complete September 23rd show with bonus tracks from the September 24th show. 

Bruce Springsteen Rocking Down The Giants (GR 451/452/453) has the October 2nd, show in East Rutherford where they played the complete Darkness At The Edge Of Town LP.  There are also bonus tracks from the other Giants Stadium concerts.

Finally Bruce Springsteen A Dream Where Everything Goes Right (GR 454/455/456) contains the October 20th Philadelphia show (last week!) where they play the entire Born In The U.S.A. LP.  This also has bonus material from the other Philly shows. 

 On Apocalypse Sound DVD, Jackson 5 Keep On Dancing (AS181) with two telecasts, one is from February 6th, 1979 in London during the Destiny Tour, and the second is The Jackson’s TV Show, 1977.

Neil Young Go Family Farm(AS182) contains the recent Farm Aid telecast with the Nelson Mandela tribute from Wembley in 1990 and Young’s appearance on teh Old Grey Whistle test from 1985 as bonus.

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New this month on Godfather, 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  1. Profile photo of LedMan
    LedMan says
    November 15, 2009, 4:52 pm

    I’ve never heard any “Kings Of Leon” so this will be interesting. I’m also curious to hear the Elvis show since there are some interesting comments from the King.

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  2. Profile photo of eric99
    eric99 says
    October 29, 2009, 7:14 am

    Nice to see all these great releases coming out, including newer bands like Kings Of Leon. Looking forward as always, to the new Floyd also, thats a great surprise.

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