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News and new releases

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 The HMC label come have come back with two new John Lennon titles with previously unreleased outtakes.  No word yet on when they will be available but hopefully they will be as interesting as the releases several years ago.  The two are: 

 Revolution Take…. Your Knickers Off! (HMC06)

Disc 1:
1. Revolution #1 (11:32)
2. Revolution
3. Across The Universe
4. Dear Prudence
5. Julia (instrumental)
6. Julia
7. Julia
8-15. Step Inside Love

Disc 2:
1-21. Come and Get It (takes 1-26), 22-31. No Escaping Your Love (takes 1-11)

John Lennon At Home (HMC08)

Disc 1 (Guitar Demos):

1. Watching The Wheels
2. Knocking On Dylan’s Door
3. It Sounds Like a Ballad To Me
4. More Satire
5. Lebenstraum
6. French Song
7. Serve Yourself
8. She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain
9. Dear Yoko
10. I’m Stepping Out
11. I Don’t Wanna Face It
12. Borrowed Time
13. Beautiful Boy
14. Grow Old With Me
15. Starting Over
16. Woman
17. Say It Again
18. Nobody Told Me
19. Nobody Told Me
20. Nobody Told Me
21. I’m Losing You
22. I Ain’t Got Time

Disc 2 (piano demos):
1. Grow Old With Me
2. Help Me To Help Myself
3. I Don’t Wanna Sleep Alone
4. Now And Then
5. Cleanup Time
6. Watching The Wheels
7. Serve Yourself
8. Memories / Cathy’s Clown
9. Real Love
10. She’s a Friend of Dorothy
11. Starting Over
12. I’m Losing You
13. I’m Stepping Out
14. Don’t Be Afraid
15. Why Must We Be Alone
16. Solitude

Virtuoso will release Genesis Spectrum 1983 (Virtuoso 047/048/049/050), a four disc set with soundboard recording for the November 26th and 27th, 1983 shows from Philadelphia.

The Complete Arms’ Concert contains the complete ARMS concert from the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1983.

And Virtuoso are releasing a cool Yes tape on Fragile Article (Virtuoso 046) with the March 16th, 1972 Tucson tape. 

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  1. Profile photo of wgpsec
    wgpsec says
    December 9, 2008, 10:11 pm

    Glad to see that Fragile Article turned out to be a silver. Virtuoso has consistently released great Yes titles and I am looking forward to hearing this. After all, seeking the definitive version on silver is why we collect.

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