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News and new releases

Gary Moore Pray For Victims (Shades 201) contains the Budokan show on February 29th, 1984.

 U.K. – Progress Index (Virtuoso 084) contains the July 7th, 1978 set in Central Park, New York.  

Ozzy Osbourne Angel & Demon (Shades 202) is a one disc title containing the January 22nd, 1982 Milwaukee show.

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  1. More info on Angel& Demon :
    It is an AUD recording and comes as silver CD. It looks (is) the same as the flac recordingq available on the Net.
    It has a nice ‘live’ sound as if you were in the audience.

  2. I was thinking the same thing DLee!

  3. I certainly don’t intend this to be any type of whiny rant or complaint, but I think Sigma has probably now set a new record for going the most (consecutive) weeks without announcing their newest Floyd release(s). So maybe they have a big one or two or three in store for us next week? Or maybe they’re even considering going out of business? I surely hope NOT!

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