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news and new releases

Several interesting new titles will be released in the near future.  Bad Company Mr. Midnight (no label) documnets the October 26th, 2010 show at the International Forum in Tokyo, Japan with “perfect sound.” 

Deep Purple Israel Fire (no label) contains the soundboard for the September 28th, 1991 show in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ozzy Osbourne Texas Madman (Shades 266) contains the February 23rd, 1982 show from the County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas. 

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band The Main Point 1975 is a 3CD cheap budget release on Mid Valley Sampler with the February 5th, 1975 show in Brwn Mawr, Pennsylvania and is supplimented with outtakes from the Born To Run sessions. 

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  1. Sometimes that announcer talks over intros, mind you, like on ‘Perfect Strangers’. That IS annoying.

  2. Deep Purple ‘Israel Fire’ is a radio broadcast, by the sound of it, as there is some talking by a DJ. Nothing too intrusive, and well worth the purchase.

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