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The no label camp continues this week with more Rolling Stones 1981 soundboards…

Rolling Stones - New Orleans 1981

The Rolling Stones – New Orleans 1981 (no label) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 5th, 1981.

Rolling Stones - Phoenix 1981

The Rolling Stones – Phoenix 1981 (no label) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from the Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona on December 13th, 1981.

Scorpions - WWL Costa Mesa 1984

Scorpions – World Wide Live: Costa Mesa 1984 (Zodiac 037) is the stereo soundboard at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA from April 28th, 1984 on 2CDs.

Aerosmith - The Final Warming In Osaka

Aerosmith – The Final Warming In Osaka (Zodiac 038) is a 2CD set recorded at the Municipal Central Gymnasium in Osaka, Japan on August 16th, 2013.

Metallica - Summer Sonic Osaka 2013

Metallica – Summer Sonic Osaka 2013 (Zodiac 032)  is a 2CD set from Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Site, Osaka, Japan on August 11th, 2013.

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  1. Profile photo of aleebee
    aleebee says
    October 16, 2013, 3:32 am

    This Scorpions title is a delight. IIRC, 6 shows were utilised for the official ‘World Wide Live’ album, and my ears tell me that several of the tracks are lifted from this show. I prefer this boot to ‘WWL’ because the mix is better – Rudy Schenker particularly is too low in the mix of the official album, and the whole thing seemed ‘muddy’ in comparison to any of the radio broadcasts I had heard. ‘Make It Real’ and ‘Loving You Sunday Morning’ highlight this, on comparison. The tape ran out before the return to ‘Can’t Get Enough’ (not the fault of the manufacturers of this 2CD set, of course). Other than that, this is near faultless: go and get it!

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