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News & new releases

Paul McCartney - Tokyo Dome 1990

Paul McCartney – Tokyo Dome 1990 (no label) is a 4CD/DVD set that features the March 3rd & 5th, 1990 shows at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan. The DVD is a 50 minute collection of pro-shot TV broadcasts taken from March 1st – 9th, 1990.

Pink Floyd - Dusseldorf 1972

Pink Floyd – Dusseldorf 1972 (Sigma 105) is a 2CD set from Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, West Germany on November 14th, 1972. This is being called an upgrade to the Sirene – 156 title of the same name released back in 2007.

King Crimson - Atlanta 1973

King Crimson – Atlanta 1973 (Virtuoso 163) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Richard’s Club in Atlanta, GA. on June 23rd, 1973. This is also said to be an upgrade from Atlanta 1973 Real Stereo (Sirene-005) released almost a decade ago.

The Nice - Live 1968-1969

The Nice – Live 1968 – 1969 is a no label pressed DVD that contains 85 minutes of pro-shot footage being labeled as “High Quality TV Live Compilation”.

The Faces - 1970-1973

The Faces – 1970 – 1973 is a no label pressed DVD that features 70 minutes of various pro-shot footage from Europe. This is also being labeled a “High Quality TV Live Compilation”.

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  1. King Crimson is a single disc. My mistake. Thanks for catching that.

  2. New King Crimson Atlanta 1973, isn´t really an one cd edition ?

  3. Look forward to the King Crimson Atlanta release from my favorite incarnation of that underrated band.

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