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News & new releases

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New titles announced today…

Rolling Stones - Stones In The Dome

The Rolling Stones – Stones In The Dome (no label) is a 6CD set that covers the band’s August 21, 23, and 26, 2007 shows at the O2 Arena in London.

The Band - Pittsburgh 1970

The Band – Pittsburgh 1970 (no label) is a one disc soundboard from Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 1, 1970.

The Band - Tokyo 1987

The Band – Tokyo 1987 (Zion-031) is a 2CD audience recording from February 25, 1987 in Tokyo.

Yes - The Yale Bowl 1971

Yes – The Yale Bowl 1971 (Virtuoso 155) contains the July 24, 1971 soundboard from New Haven, Connecticut. These six tracks were previously featured on disc one of Yes/ELP – Best Of 1971 (Sirene-243) but Virtuoso contains two remastered versions of the show on a single disc.

Yes - Room For The Imagination

Yes – Room For The Imagination (Virtuoso 153/154) has the June 9, 1979 stereo soundboard from Chicago, Illinios on two discs and is reported to be an upgrade over previous silver versions.

Rainbow - Hola, Arco Iris

Tarantura has also released another Rainbow title. Hola, Arco Iris is a 2CD set from Barcelona, Spain on July 3, 1981 recorded during the Difficult To Cure Tour.

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  1. wgpsec says
    March 21, 2013, 6:33 am

    Yes, I spoke with a CMR writer yesterday who said he was going to pick these up and review them.

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  2. yenssongs says
    March 21, 2013, 5:07 am

    will there be a CMR review of these 2 very interesting YES titles?

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