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one more Virtuoso…

It seems the Virtuso label forgot their second Genesis release this week.  Knebworth 1978 (Virtuoso 055/056) is a release of the popular June 24th, 1978 Knebworth radio broadcast which, the label claims, comes from the pre-FM master.  The missing portions of the show are not present unfortunately but since Highland’s excellent release has been sold out for years this looks like a worthy title.  Virtuoso also include the October 22nd, 1978 Houston radio broadcast as a bonus. 

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  1. Just got an update from Japan and it saddens me that more than 80% of the new titles seem to be on CDR or DVDR’s…some great stuff too! Makes me think our hobby is dying a slow death..:(((

    But there were some new silver disc titles:

    1. BEATLES,THE 1CD ANTHOLOGY SESSIONS (NEW COVER) SECRET GARDEN SGCD-01 < Evolution Of “Free As A Bird” & “Real Love” and Tracks from ANTHOLOGY Sessions
    2. BEATLES,THE 3CD THE RIVER RHINE TAPES (NEW COVER) – SECRET GARDEN SGCD-08/09/10 < Get Back Sessions on Stereo Soundboard Recordings
    3. DEEP PURPLE 1DVD ROCKPALAST 1985 – ROUND ABOUT ARCHIVES RAA-01 < Palais Omnisports, Paris, France, 09th July 1985 (PRO SHOT Remastered & 5.1 Channel digital Surround SBD)
    4. ERIC CLAPTON 2CD FAMILY PLOT – TINKER BELL BELL-18/19 < Live At Nippon Budokan,Tokyo,Japan, Feb 15,2009
    5. ERIC CLAPTON & JEFF BECK 4CD ACROSS THE MUDDY ROAD COMPLETE – X-AVEL Silver Masterpiece Series-005006 < Live at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 21st & 22nd February 2009
    6. ERIC CLAPTON & JEFF BECK 3CD REAR WINDOW – TINKER BELL BELL-20/21//22 < Recorded Live At Super Arena,Saitama, Japan, Feb 21, 2009
    7. ERIC CLAPTON & JEFF BECK 3CD +1DVD TORN CURTAIN TINKER BELL BELL-23/24//25/26 < Recorded Live At Super Arena,Saitama, Japan, Feb 22, 2009
    8. JEFF BECK 2CD BELIEVE IT (2009 TOKYO 1st NIGHT) – X-AVEL Silver Masterpiece Series-001 < Live at International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 6th February 2009
    9. JEFF BECK 1CD BOOGIE NIGHT (2009 TOKYO 2nd NIGHT) – X-AVEL Silver Masterpiece Series-002 < Live at International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 7th February 2009
    10. JEFF BECK 2CD BIG BLOCK DYNO – X-AVEL Silver Masterpiece Series-003 < Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th February 2009
    11. JEFF BECK 2CD ACCIDENTAL FUSION – X-AVEL Silver Masterpiece Series-004 < Live at Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 11st February 2009
    12. ROLLING STONES,THE 1CD BEGGARS BANQUET-Beta Mixes- – SINGER’S ORIGINAL SODD 091 < 19 Tracks 80 min. Studio SBD
    13. ROLLING STONES,THE 1CD GOLDEN ERA 1964-1974 vol.2 – SINGER’S ORIGINAL SODD 094 < Live At Boston Garden, Boston, MA July 18th 1972
    14. ROLLING STONES,THE 2CD GOLDEN ERA 1964-1974 vol.1 – SINGER’S ORIGINAL SODD 092/093 < Live At Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria September 1st 1973

    It amazes me how fast they got the Clapton and Beck shows pressed as they are less than a month old… Anyone know how they sound??

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