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The Cure – Underneath The Italian Skies (Apocalypse Sound AS 157)

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Underneath The Italian Skies (Apocalypse Sound AS 157)

Piazza San Giovanni, Rome, Italy – October 11, 2008

01. Interview, 02.. Underneath The Stars, 03. The Only One, 04. The Reasons Why, 05. Freakshow, 06. Sirensong, 07. The Real Snow White, 08. The Hungry Ghost, 09.. Switch, 10. The Perfect Boy, 11. This. Here And Now. With You, 12.. Sleep When I’m Dead, 13. The Scream, 14. It’s Over, 15. Lullaby, 16. Fascination Street, 17. Wrong Number, 18. The End Of The World, 19. The Walk, 20. Lovesong, 21. Friday I’m In Love, 22. Inbetween Days, 23.. Just Like Heaven, 24. Boys Don’t Cry

Stunning is the first word that comes to mind when watching this DVD.  The band sounds lean and mean.  Gone are the keyboards but who honestly cares. Porl Thompson is back in the band and more than makes up with his lush guitar textures and soundscapes.  Honestly you don’t really notice the fact that the keyboards are not there.  Many of the songs do have backing tracks but they contain mostly drum loops and orchestral patches.  This partuclar show features The Cure’s latest album in it’s intirety and the band has never sounded better.  The songs sound more powerful and the older tunes sound fresh and updated.  From the 1st note of “Underneath The Stars” you can tell just how well adjusted the band is to not having a keyboard player.  Did you ever think The Cure would rock?  Well, they do on this show.  For just 4 guys in the band the overall sound is huge.

This release is visually stunning and the quality of the picture is absolutely fantastic.  The audio is very pleasing to listen to with an equal mix for all of the instruments.  Robert Smith still sounds great and he honestly has not lost any of his ability to sing.  He sounds just as good as ever.  After 30 years of being together The Cure is still a viable band who has plenty left to say and this release shows that.  Boys Don’t Cry if they have this release.  Get it now.

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The Cure - Underneath The Italian Skies (Apocalypse Sound AS 157), 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Profile photo of lug_nutz6
    lug_nutz6 says
    March 1, 2009, 8:50 pm

    Thanks for the review. I am not a video collector, but I may have to get this title, since there haven’t been any silver disc released of the last tour. If anybody is listening a few complete shows of the 2008 tour would be very much welcomed. And maybe even some complete shows from 2004…Sounds like a job for Godfather?????

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