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Comment on The Who - Chicago 1971 (Killing Floor KF 98007/8) Well, lets hope some else can get a hold of this and do some better mastering.
Comment on new Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa... Oh, I didn't know that. Always thought his '94 tour was one of the better ones. I've got enough Zeppelin.
Comment on new Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa... The Dylan release looks real good. May have to pick that one up.
Comment on new Beatles and Led Zeppelin The EVSD will cost lots and lots of hard earned money for the different art work.
Comment on new releases It will have truly amazing sound though...
Comment on new releases Oh so true about the upcoming floyd releases!
Comment on News and new releases Wow! A handful of good releases here.
Comment on new Godfather releases! Any chance of a review on the KISS set? I'd like to read before I decide to buy it.
Comment on Front Page (depends how you word them!)