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Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Making of Are You Experienced? (Wonderland Records WLR-2095)


The Making of Are You Experienced? (Wonderland Records WLR-2095) Disc One (72:15): 1. Foxy Lady (mono, Track vinyl, 3:11); 2. Foxy Lady (stereo, Polydor CD, 3:14); 3. Manic Depression (false start, mono, 0:05); 4. Manic Depression (sim stereo, instrumental, sttp, 0:23); 5. Manic Depression (sim stereo, instrumental, sttp, 4:31); 6. ...

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The Verve – Homecoming (no label)

Homecoming Haigh Hall, Wigan, England – May 24th, 1998 Disc One: This is Music; Space & Time; Catching the Butterfly; Sonnet; The Rolling People; Neon Wilderness; The Drugs Don’t Work; Lucky Man Disc Two: Life’s an Ocean; Velvet Morning; Bitter Sweet Symphony; One Day; History; Come On The Verve’s 1997 ...

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Black Sabbath – Veterans Memorial (no label)


Veterans Memorial (no label) Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut, September 19, 1980 Disc 1: Supertzar; War Pigs; Neon Knights; N.I.B.; Children of the Sea; Sweet Leaf, including Drum Solo; Black Sabbath Disc 2: Heaven and Hell; Iron Man; Guitar Solo; Die Young; Paranoid; Children of the Grave Black Sabbath’s ...

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Black Sabbath – Sakuntala (No Label)


Sakuntala (No Label) Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany, November 25, 1987 Disc One: Supertzar; Neon Knights; Children of the Sea; War Pigs; Die Young; Drum Solo; Iron Man; Born to Lose Disc Two: Black Sabbath; Glory Ride; Heaven and Hell; Guitar Solo; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Heaven and Hell (return); Children of ...

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