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Longtime Music Lover/Collector/Traveller Favorite music: R&R, Jazz, Pre War Blues/Folk I believe in the power of music. It has been my friend through good times and bad.

Frank Zappa – Duprees Paradise 1973 (Howard Carter Music Company HCMC-016/017/018)


  Duprees Paradise 1973 (Howard Carter Music Company HCMC-016/017/018) Disc 1 KB Hallen, Kobenhavn, Denmark, August 18, 1973:  Intro, Duprees Paradise (George Duke Prelude), Duprees Paradise (Main Theme & Solos), Cosmik Debris, Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue, Kung Fu (World Premiere), Penguin In Bondage, Dog Meat, Rdnzl, Brown Shoes Dont Make It Disc 2:  Village Of The Sun, Echidnas Arf, Dont You Ever Wash ...

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CD-r Warning: How Not To Get Burned!

CD-r Warning:  How Not To Get Burned! I was recently reminded of a sad trend in this hobby, and it is the sale of homemade cd-r copies of original Silver CDs for high dollar on internet auction sites.  These auctions give no indication that it is a copy and for ...

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Tom Waits – On The Radio (FELL06)


On the Radio (FELL 06) Recording/Performance Date December 14, 1976, Media Sound Studio, New York, NY  Track List: 1. Emotional Weather Report 2. A Sight for Sore Eyes3. Step Right Up 4. Eggs & Sausage/Invitation to the Blues 5. Jitterbug Boy 6. Diamonds on my Windshield 7. San Diego Serenade ...

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