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January, 2016

  • 26 January

    New Deep Purple, David Bowie, Iron Maiden, & more…

    DP DR72-F

    Deep Purple – Dagenham Roundhouse 1972 (Darker Than Blue 215) is a single disc from the Roundhouse, Dagenham, UK on February 19th, 1972 and also features two tracks from the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK on October 4th, 1971. The first 80 sets of the above will also come with ...

  • 19 January

    New Stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Rainbow, & Motorhead

    2枚組ベースA [更新済み]

    The Rolling Stones – Olympia 1995 (no label) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from L’Olympia, Paris, France on July 3rd, 1995. Pink Floyd – BBC Top Gear 1967 Upgrade (Sigma 149) is a single disc that features two early radio sessions. This features BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, UK on September ...

  • 13 January

    The HMC, ‘Let It Be’ release .. and more!


    The final artwork for HMC’s latest release is finally in and can be revealed. As noted previously, the DVD and CD set has a Ron Furmanek produced mix, all of the Apple studio material in glorious stereo and a massive upgrade in visuals. Alongside this release, the label are re-releasing ...

  • 12 January

    New Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Rainbow, & Aerosmith

    Led Zeppelin – BBC Session 1971

    Led Zeppelin – BBC Session 1971 (no label) is a six disc set featuring three versions of the Paris Cinema Theatre, London, UK on April 1st, 1971. This is the famous BBC recording session for John Peel’s In Concert show on Radio One. The three versions come from the Japanese ...

  • 11 January

    David Bowie – In memoriam.


    There are losses and there are true losses. As we all age and falter, grew to see those around us get a little older, a little wiser, a little grayer, we find ourselves clinging to the image of our heroes and supposing that we’ll always stay as young as they ...

December, 2015

  • 29 December

    New releases from Pink Floyd, Rainbow, & Gary Moore

    PF WA-F

    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here/Animals: Unissued Alternate Studio Recordings 1975 – 1976 (Sigma 146) is a single disc that features “Definitive versions of “Wish You Were Here” & “Animals” outtakes”. Pink Floyd – Chicago 1977 (Sigma 147) is a 2CD set from Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois on June ...

  • 29 December

    New Beatles, ‘Let It Be’ title on HMC.


    The mainly-Beatles label, HMC have recently announced their latest title, a copy of the Ron Furmanek remixed and produced ‘Let It Be’ film. Originally slated as a home video release nearly 30 years ago, this copy supersedes all copies that have been released before including the laser disk version that ...

  • 23 December

    Led Zeppelin, ‘Earls Court’ box on Tarantura.


    In the next few days, the Tarantura label will be releasing their large new Led Zeppelin at Earls Court release. The label have been releasing teaser images over the last month, showing the disks, the various different packages and the guitar case (!) that it will be included in. Below ...

  • 23 December

    Rolling Stones title from L’Olympia on CD

    rolling stones available soon-1

    The Rolling Stones L’Olympia ’95 set that was released on Wonder Minnow not so long ago will greet the new year on CD on the Rattlesnake label. Assuming a different liner notes to the vinyl box, as with the previous set from Brixton, this CD should halt the discussions debating ...

  • 22 December

    New Titles From Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, & Iron Maiden

    Led Zeppelin – Royal Albert Hall 1970

    Led Zeppelin – Royal Albert Hall 1970 (no label) is a 5CD + DVD from the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK on January 9th, 1970. CDs one and two contain the “Multitrack Recording”, CDs three and four contain the “Multitrack Recording with added in-between chatter filler”, and CD five features ...

  • 15 December

    New titles from Deep Purple, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, & Scorpions

    DP END-F

    Deep Purple – “The End” (Darker Than Blue 201/202) is a 2CD set from Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on June 29th, 1973. This is the last show to feature Ian Gillan and Roger Glover until they reformed in the ‘80s. The label released this once before as “The End” (Darker ...

  • 8 December

    New Releases From Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, & Iron Maiden

    Pink Floyd – Aphrodite 1971 Peace Records

    Pink Floyd – Aphrodite 1971: Peace Records (no label) is a single disc from Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan on August 6th, 1971. According to the track order and disc time, I would assume this comes from the same recording that Shout To The Top used for their Echoes Of Japanese ...

  • 1 December

    New Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, & Def Leppard

    Pink Floyd – BBC Archives 1970 & 1971

    Pink Floyd – BBC Archives 1970 & 1971 (Sigma 143) is a four disc set that features both stereo and mono versions of the BBC Paris Theatre, London, UK shows from July 16th, 1970 and September 30th, 1971. Both of these stereo and mono versions were previously released in 2004 ...

November, 2015

  • 24 November

    New Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, & Def Leppard

    JB LV14-F

    Jeff Beck – Las Vegas 2014 (Wardour-161) is a single disc stereo soundboard from The Joint, Hard Rock, Las Vegas, NV on August 16th, 2014.   Jeff Beck – St. Louis 2014 (Wardour-162) is a single disc stereo soundboard recorded at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO on ...

  • 23 November

    New David Bowie Box Set From Magic Bus!


    Announced today from the Magic Bus label is a new David Bowie Deluxe Box Set. Time May Change Me: From Stardust To Stardom is a 7CD box set featuring six complete concerts from 1972, 1973, and 1974 (3 for the first time on CD). This comes with a 36 page ...

  • 18 November

    More news on the Crystal Cat Bruce box!


    A few days ago we revealed news of the latest release from Crystal Cat, the ‘Turku Wrecking Ball” boxed set. Today the images have arrived from this set and a ‘press release’.               “A new six CD slip cased release from the Crystal Cat ...

  • 17 November

    New Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Genesis, & Whitesnake

    Deep Purple – Budokan 1973

    Deep Purple – Budokan 1973 (Darker Than Blue 199/200) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on June 25th, 1973.   Pink Floyd – Definitive Landover 1975 (Sigma 142) is a four disc set from the Capitol Center in Landover, Maryland. The first three discs feature the June 9th, ...

  • 11 November

    New Bruce Springsteen on Crystal Cat!


    Another golden oldie label return with new material. The Crystal Cat has announced a new Bruce Springsteen set – Turku Wrecking Box. A six CD boxed set from live in Turku, Finland on May 7th and 8th, 2013, this comp also features both afternoon rehearsals. A mixture of IEM and ...

  • 10 November

    New Led Zeppelin titles announced today


    Led Zeppelin – Fillmore West 1969 Final: Soundboard Recording (no label) is a 2CD soundboard from the Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA on April 27th, 1969. Led Zeppelin – Fillmore West 1969 Final: Audience Recording (no label) is a 2CD set from the Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA ...

  • 7 November

    New Who at Charlton ’74 release on Empress Valley


    The Empress Valley label have just released a new 4 CD boxed set featuring a complete collection of audience tapes from the Who’s show at the Charlton Athletic ground in London, UK on May the 18th, 1974. The Who take precedent over the first two disks with the other 2 CDs giving ...