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More new Rattlesnake


Now we have the cover details for the new Rattlesnake Rolling Stones release they’ve also sent out details of a second release to follow.

Jimi Hendrix “The Magician With The Guitar” is the other release to come this season. An audience recording that features a strong bulk of guitar frenzy with Jimi’s silky tones behind them. A new Jimi release on silver disk and they seem to be scant these days. It should be another release to look forward to.  


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  1. They’re out now. We hope to have samples for you soon .. Any requests?

  2. I have heard the Brixton ’95 CD is due out this week…

  3. my Rattlesnake titles always come right on time. No problem at all, let me know if you need one sooner than 2014 ;)

  4. Ah, a new Rattlesnake release announced! Great – that should be out by Christmas then!. Christmas 2014.

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