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Wings – Back To The Egg: The Trevor Jones Collection Vol. 2 (Audiofon AF 18)

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Back To The Egg:  The Trevor Jones Collection Vol. 2 (Audiofon AF 18)

(76:06):  Reception, Cage (instrumental), Getting Closer (instrumental), We’re Open Tonight, Spin It On, Again And Again And Again, Old Siam Sir, Arrow Through Me, Rockestra Theme, To You, Maisie, Winter Rose / Love Awake, The Broadcast, So Glad To See You Here, Daytime Nighttime Suffering, Goodnight Tonight, Robber’s Ball, Cage, Cage (demo instrumental), Cage (demo vocal), Daytime Nighttime Suffering, Old Siam Sir

Back To The Egg:  The Trevor Jones Collection Vol. 2is the second disc published by Audiofon organizing the revealing Trevor Jones tapes that surfaced earlier this year.  This time, the label focuses upon the final Wings album released in 1979.

The enjoyment and relevance of this disc is largely dependent upon one’s view of the final Wings album.  This was his first for Columbia records after leaving EMI, and McCartney himself admitted the album was a bit weak.   

The new tracks included on this disc are “Reception,” “Cage (instrumental),” “Getting Closer (instrumental),” “We’re Open Tonight,” “Rockestra Theme,” “The Broadcast,” “So Glad To See You Here,” “Robber’s Ball,” “Cage,” “Daytime Nighttime Suffering,” and “Old Siam Sir.”  The second tracks of both “Old Siam Sir” and “Daytime Nighttime Suffering” are the same take as contained on the Jones tape but are mixed differently.

The new tracks are mainly instrumental runthroughs and rough mixes of the final versions, all in excellent sound quality.  Audiofon pad out the disc with other Back To The Egg era rarities such as the bizarre “Robber’s Ball.”  One inclusion that is very much welcomed is the seven minute long version of “Goodnight Tonight.”  This was originally released on the 12″ maxi-single in 1979 and has never appeared on compact disc before.

The label makes good use of the album’s cover art for their release and include very helpful liner notes inside.  Overall, this is another strong release on the Audiofon label. 

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Wings - Back To The Egg: The Trevor Jones Collection Vol. 2 (Audiofon AF 18), 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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