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 Thank you all for supporting our efforts.  It should go without saying but Collectors Music Reviews is NOT a catalog.  Nothing here is for sale nor do we know where to get them.  This is merely an academic discussion of these artifacts for our amusement.

You can now follow Collectors Music Reviews on Twitter.  Given the backlog of new release and other titles to be reviewed, this will be a way to give up-to-date impressions on them before we write the in-depth review that you all expect.   

Oftentimes moments of genius escape official detection.  Inspired or rare performances occur without the artist or the record label there to capture a moment which we fans want to hear.  Thankfully others have been there to capture the moment on tape and have been gracious enough to share.  

Legal and moral arguments are transcended by the artistic and historic merit of these recordings.  Pete Townshend himself expressed such thoughts about bootlegs when he says:

“I’d like to see it proliferate unchecked.  If we don’t, we may allow something wonderful to be nipped in the bud….  As an artist, what I think is important is that people listen to your work, and if you are properly rewarded for it, that’s the bonus.”  (New York Post, Sunday July 2, 2000)

There are many websites dedicated to a particular band.  Many websites will offer great information on Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, or the Rolling Stones.  But no other free website in the world offers the comprehensive and detailed analysis of live music for all artists as contained on this site. 

We are a group of passionate and dedicated fans, collectors, and writers who not only love to collect and listen to these releases, but also to write about them.  The articles contained on this page are part review, part commentary, part social history, part editorial opinion, and all interesting reading.  If you are as obsessive as we are, then get comfortable and plan on spending several hours pouring over these articles.  

Already there are more than a thousand articles in this database with more added daily.  Updates will of course focus on the latest releases, but there are many old releases that have never been mentioned nor reviewed online which deserve attention.

The amount of information contained in these pages is overwhelming.  We recommend the following:

  1. Sign up as a subscriber.  There is no cost involved for registration (in fact, there is no cost for anything on this site except your attention).  You will find the registration promp on the right hand side.  Once you register you will have full access to all of the news, reviews, and editorials.  You will also have the opportunity to leave your own ratings and comments on releases.  To prevent spam and abuse, all comments are moderated by the administrators.   

  2. Once you register, sign up to have the daily updates sent to you by email.  You will find the registration on the upper right hand side.  Or click here.  You will receive an email every morning with the new articles posted from the previous day.  If there are no updates (which rarely happens), then you will not receive an email.

  3. Updates are posted on the “News And Updates” link to the upper left hand side.  That should be the first page you visit each time.

  4. We not charge a fee to access the reviews on this site.  We do suggest donations to keep us going and the suggested donation amounts are less than the price of one bad bootleg review. 

  5. If you have any suggestions or questions, please send us an email

  6. Remember that this is what we do for fun.  We are not professionals.  You will find typoes, grammatical errors and factual mistakes from time to time.  If you find an error, just relax!  Send us an email and we’ll correct it. 


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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene says
    November 29, 2014, 12:53 am

    here’s the complete up-to-date list of pressed silver original CD titles (or pro-CDR titles) that I’ve been looking for…..

    1. Deep Purple 1CD “RITCHIE’S LAST” (Darker Than Blue 002)
    2. Deep Purple 2CD “2ND NIGHT OF RIZ” (Demon’s Eye DE-010-11)
    3. Deep Purple 2CD “PURPLE BLITZ” (Demon’s Eye DE-036/037)
    4. Deep Purple – any CD (or pro-CDR) titles that have a live version of their song ‘Demon’s Eye’
    5. Deep Purple 2CD “RAT BAT PURPLE” (Bio label)
    6. Deep Purple 2CD “RAT BAT RIFF IN PHILADELPHIA” (label unknown)
    7. Deep Purple 1CD “STUTTGART 2.16/17.72? (DP label)
    8. Deep Purple 2CD “MACHINE HEAD” (quadraphonic – QuadraDisc label)
    9. Roger Waters 1-pro-CDR “SOUNDBOARD KAOS” (Ayanami-058)
    10. Roger Waters 3-pro-CDR “PROJECT KAOS” (LEM 031)

    i would really appreciate any help at all…thanx. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thankx

    • Careful Axeman Eugene says
      December 31, 2014, 2:16 pm

      …..and now here are several more that i’m now also looking for…..

      11. Deep Purple 2CD “(DEEP PURPLE) DESTROYED THE ARENA” (TNT Studio label – TNT-940139/140)

      12. Deep Purple 2CD “SQUARE IT UP” (Reel Master label – RM-011/012)

      13. Deep Purple 2CD “WALVERHAMPTON (sic) (2.20.72)” (DP label)

      14. Deep Purple 1CD “FIRE IN THE SKY” (DPCD-41573)

      15. Deep Purple 1CD “LONG BEACH (4.15.73)” (DP label)

      16. Deep Purple 1CD “ATLANTIC CROSSING (1973)” (DP3121)

      and I’m still looking for all the other titles that I’ve listed, except for #1 (Deep Purple 1CD “RITCHIE’S LAST” (Darker Than Blue 002)) and #3 (Deep Purple 2CD “PURPLE BLITZ” (Demon’s Eye DE-036/037)), both of which I’ve recently managed to find & acquire. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thankx

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene says
    October 6, 2014, 11:16 pm

    anybody have available, or could get for me, or at least know where or how i can currently find, any Deep Purple CDs (or pro-CDRs) that have a live version of the song “Demon’s Eye”, which they apparently performed live only on a small number of occasions (rather rare), esp. such as their 6/24/1971 show in Birmingham (UK)? thankx to anybody who could kindly try to help me in any way at all. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thanx

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