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New Beatles on Purple Chick

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The Purple Chick label are releasing three new Beatles titles.

Live Bowled Over (Purple Chick PC 173/74) is a 2CD set containing Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis, MN – August 21,1965 and Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA –  August 29, 1965 on disc one and Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA – August 30, 1965 and Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA – August 31, 1965 on disc two.  This also features Shea Stadium plus studio overdubs from January 5, 1966.

Live Les Beatles en Europe, plus (Purple Chick PC 169/70) is a 2CD set that contains Palais Des Sports, Paris, France – June 20, 1965 on disc one and Teatro Adriano, Rome, Italy – June 27, 1965 plus Blackpool Night Out – August 1, 1965 and Ed Sullivan Show – August 14, 1965 on disc two.

Live Sheaken, Not Stirred (Purple Chick PC 171/72) is also a  2CD set containing Shea Stadium, New York, NY – August 15, 1965 and Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, GA – August 18, 1965 on disc one and Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX – August 19, 1965 on disc two.

 All are limited to 300 copies.

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