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Two new boxed sets on Wonderland

The Wonderland label have recently announced two new boxed sets;


Included is a collection of the Rolling Stones Abu Dhabi, Japanese and Macau shows from 2014. 5 shows all in all with 3 of these also represented on the visual side on DVD.


Their second set is an Elvis Presley set titled, “For Movie Fans Only!” compiling songs from through out the King’s cinematic career over 4 CDs.
There will very well be some duplication from Cool Romeo’s long out of print “Celluloid Rock” boxed sets but this set prunes out some of the additional false starts and outtakes.

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  1. I have heard that Wonderland boxes/titles are lossy sourced. Did anyone check it?

    • I’m not aware of any lossy productions from the Wonderland people. It’s not the kind of thing I collect but I wonder if anyone else can ahead any light on this for us?


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