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New Beatles release on Yellow Dog records


The old stalwart of Beatles bootlegs Yellow Dog records returns. Presumably it’s the Japanese arm of the label that had originally begun to release new material c. 2005 – 2006.
This time though it’s a new Star Club release with upgrades compiled from a raw source tape and a 1970’s sampler tape of unknown origin.
Whether this is an upgrade to the previously released Purple Chick source remains to be seen.

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  1. Stuart,
    Thanks for the reply. Since Misterclaudel copied the Purple Chick cds for their release, I’ll look forward to the new HMC set instead.

  2. Hi Solly,
    My review was here: http://www.collectorsmusicreviews.com/uncategorized/the-beatles-live-at-the-star-club-1962-yellow-dog-yd-2008/
    As I recall, I wasn’t too impressed. It sounds alright but I don’t have the MC release to compare it with. As far as I could tell Purple Chick did a better job previously and with a little A – B-ing I wasn’t overly sure these were major upgrades.
    Certainly worth saving your money for the new HMC “Take It Off” boot instead.

  3. Stuart, Just curious if you have had the oppurtunity to listen to this release? I have read that its an upgrade , but I have the Misterclaudel 2cd set in my collection. The MC cds are certainly the best I’ve heard. Much better than what I had previously and since I recently obtained the MC set , I was wondering if the Yellow Dog’s improvement is signifigant enough to hunt it down? Thanks for all the great reviews.

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