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New Miles Davis release on Hannibal

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Not an artist that gets much coverage on this site but heres a new release from Hannibal records by Miles Davis.

2 soundboard tapes from the “On The Corner” period of Davis’ career. These appear with a bit of 24 bit mastering for a sweeter sound. Also included is a dub of both sides of the hard to find single “Molester.” 
The tracklisting is as follows:  “Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival” Live at Otis Spann Memorial Field, Ann Arbor, MI 10th September 1972 1. Announcement 2. Rated X 3. Honky Tonk (cut out) 4. Black Satin (cut in) 5. Right Off 6. Sanctuary 7. Announcement.

Live at Paul’s Mall, Boston, MA 14th September 1972 1. Announcement 2. Black Satin 3. Rated X 4. Honky Tonk 5. Right Off 〜 Sanctuary (closing theme) 6. Announcement + Bonus Tracks; “Molester” Promo (7 inch analog) 7. Molester Side A 8. Molester Side B

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New Miles Davis release on Hannibal, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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