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Roger Waters – The Wing (CLL-118/119CD)


The Wing (CLL-118/119CD)

Arrow Rock Festival, De Schans, Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands – June 10th, 2006

Live At The Marquee, The Showgrounds, Monaghan Road, Cork, Ireland – June 29th, 2006 (Nick Mason on drums)

Hyde Park Calling, Hyde Park, London, England, U.K. – July 1st, 2006 (Nick Mason on drums)

Disc 1: The Dark Side of the Moon Part One (19:21), The Dark Side of the Moon Part Two (25:14), The Dark Side of the Moon Part One (20:58)

Disc 2: The Dark Side of the Moon Part Two (26:03), The Dark Side of the Moon Part One (20:02), The Dark Side of the Moon Part Two (27:25) The Wing is another double pro-CDR release of Roger Waters performing his versions of the Pink Floyd all-time classic The Dark Side of the Moon in Europe in mid-2006, but with its last Dark Side show being on July 1st rather than in June.   With the obvious exception of the shows being different, most everything is exactly the same as or very similar to that of The Trap, which precedes it, so please refer to The Trap review.  Maxell-brand CDR’s were apparently used again, and no noticeable differences in sound quality could be discerned.  One notable difference, however, is that the last 2 Dark Side shows feature Pink Floyd percussionist Nick Mason on drums.    (DLee)

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