Allman Brothers Band – Delaney And Bonny Bramlet (Wonderland Records-WLR-2159)


Delaney And Bonny Bramlet (Wonderland Records-WLR-2159)

Disc 1-
01.One More Ride
02.Home Jam (Come On In My Kitchen)
03.Little Martha
04.Statesboro Blyes
05.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
06.Midnight Rider
07.Hoochie Coochie Man
08.One More Ride
09.Allman Jam
10.Instrumental Jam
11.Trouble No More
12.Don’t Keep Me Wondering
13.You Don’t Love Me
14.Midnight Rider
15.You Don’t Love Me
Tracks 1-10:Idlewood South Outtakes
Tracks 11-13:Pittsburgh PA January 17th,1971
Tracks 14-15:Duane Home Jam
Disc 2
01. Don’t Want You No More
02.Rock Me Baby
03. Crossroads
04.Born In Chicago
05.Willie Jean Jan
06.Born Under A Bad Sign
Disc 3
01.She Has Funny Cars
02.Hey Joe (Duane On Vocal)
03.New Shoes Blues-Introductions
04.Travellin’ Music Jam
Disc 2 & 3 Recorded just four days after the legendary March 26th,1969 Jacksonville Jam
where the Allman Brothers Band was founded. This is actually a “Second Coming” concept.Gregg Allman did not perform.
Disc 4
01. Come On In My Kitchen
02.Goin’ Down The Road
03.Poor Elija
04.The Ghetto
05.Livin’ On The Open Road(Inc.MC)
06. Better Reflections/My Man
07.Don’t Want Me Around
08. Only You Know and I Know
09. DJ MC
Delaney & Bonnie with The Allman Brothers
Band Kuve at A&R Studios NYC July 22,1971

This Wonderland project begins with studio outakes from the Idlewood South album; some very fine interplay between Dickie Betts and Duane Allman here all in pristine quality; variations on the tracks from the finished project; Gregg Allman shines as well with his soulful inflections; the majority of these outtakes are toned down in comparison to their performances live. 

Trouble No More from pittsburg 1-17-1971 shows how the brothers really cooked as a unit with stellar interplay between dickie and duane with the rest of the band in fine form. You Don’t Love Me takes us deeper into the powerful rhyrhms the Brothers provided; which are sorely missed to this day with the premature departure of Duane’s  awesome playing. The last rwo tracks on disc are from Duane home jam with Gregg shining on you don’t love me.

Disc  two  has a very spirited Rock Me Baby with Dickie and Duane exchanging rapid fire notes; Crossroads on this set is very fast with some nice vocals by Dickie Betts;Born Under A Bad Sign closes out disc two with a very slow blues approach with Duane showcasing his immense skills on his Gibson.

Disc three begins with the old Jefferson Airplane track She Has Funny Cars performed in a slow blues mode; Hey Joe the Hendrix track is sung by Duane in a convincing manner with his superlative guitar in the mix; makes me wonder why he did not sing more,as his voices is quite adept for slow blues renditions.

Disc four is Duane live in the A&R  studios with Delaney & Bonnie. Come On In My Kitchen has a spirited Duane acoustic slide with Delaney & Bonnie having a very good time as evident in their spirited vocals; Goin Down The Road Feelin’ Bad is highly charged “Hillbilly Music” (according to Delaney’s statement into the mic); This set closes with Delaney & Bonnie along with Duane on electric guitar with King Curtis on saxophone performing Better Relations/My Man,Don’t Want Me Around and concluding with Only You Know And I  Know ending a very hot blistering show. Highly recommended for the casual fan and a definite pick up for an Allman Brother fan. It makes me wonder what this group would have accomplished if Duane had lived years beyond age 24.

Serious music collector-Clapton, Stones (Brian era) Hendriz, Zeppelin

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