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Appeal for Donations!

Currently we are working hard on redesigning the website.  It will have a new look, better organization and improved functionality. 

Since Collectors Music Review was establish in 2007, we have always prided ourselves on providing in depth reviews and articles on the releases of our favorite hobby.  As we enter our fifth year, we want to continue providing reviews of underground releases, and maybe even expand further into the mainstream with more intentional writing about titles and box sets released officially.

We have also always prided ourselves on keeping this a free service.  Occasionally we’ve solicited donations, but haven’t in almost a year.  Coming into the holiday season, we ask you readers to donate to our website.

We’d like to raise about $500 in the next week.  With almost 4,000 registered members, every little bit counts and more donations means we can keep the site going.

Every page has a coffee cup icon.  Simply press it and send in a donation through paypal.  Even a dollar would be much appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

If you liked this review, buy me a cup of joe. (Suggested: $3 a shot or $7.5 for a double)

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  1. I just donated a few minutes ago. I certainly wish that I could afford to be able to donate much more. Thanks so very much to everyone involved in helping make this great site so excellent, helpful, & enjoyable.

  2. Thank you for maintaining this wonderful site. All these great reviews are very much appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work all of you put into this.
    Donation sent!

  3. I just made a $50.00 donation; hoping it helps to keep this superlative site running!

  4. Donation sent as well. Please, keep it going with the great work!

  5. Thanks for the hard work, donation sent

  6. Donation done, many thanks and keep on the good work!

  7. Donation sent, thanks for all the great work!

  8. I donated and you should too.

    gsparaco works incredibly hard on this site. It’s a labour of love which we all benefit from. There’s simply no better tool on the net to navigate your way through new releases and the myriad re-releases by multiple labels of the same titles.

    gsparaco and his contributors make it easy to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Their commitment and thoroughness make a mockery of that OTHER site that we all used to subscribe to and is now completely redundant because of collectorsmusicreviews.com.

    This site deserves your support.

  9. I just made a $25.00 donation
    Happy X-Mas and Merry New Year

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