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  1. what a shame that 6 of the 8 discs in the set have all been upgraded and released over the past 2 years by Zodiac / Hot lips / no Label, Don’t see how Magic Bus can improve on what are pretty much definitive editions already, Missed opportunity by Magic Bus to give something different

    • You’re completely wrong. The Magic Bus utilises original master tapes available for all these shows and keeping in mind there’s absolutely no modern, super duper heavy EQ here, this set gives opportunity to listen to all these tapes in its original form. All the labels mentioned have destroyed the quality by using lot of unnecessary tweaking, making listening somewhat a hard experience and this new set is the very first title to use just raw masters.

      • No Zepster, your the one that is wrong. My Boxset has arrived and after several hours of listening and comparing they are virtually identical although Magic Bus packaging is of course top rate. I Know your a big fanboy of Magic Bus Releases but the truth is the truth, sorry my friend but your wrong on this one

        • Please publish this comment (got this info from Magic Bus):

          “The box hasn’t ben released yet and even its producers didn’t listen to this so please explain us from where you have info saying you’ve already listened to this. It’s highly unfair to treat people like this with absolute wrong info.”

        • So, did u buy this set already, woodish? It’s really funny reading your comments saying you’ve got this set before as it was released so I hope at least you’ve revisited your opinion on it and maybe just barely compared it with older titles.

          Not to promote the label, I believe there are many other titles with great quality but let’s be honest, with all shitty digital mastering that comes from the land of rising sun, no one show is truly complete and you can believe me or not but this set sounds damn good. Just play it loud and enjoy the music.

  2. Have e-mailed, Zepster.

  3. Uh, sorry, i just didn’t realize I left you without any email…so here it is: pkrl5758@gmail.com I can share details and sources used etc. Will happily answer to all the questions as well.

    Yes, this is a great set and hopefully a huge upgrade over the already circulated sources used in this compilation. Since early Aerosmith isn’t well documented except for a very few old titles,this new st looks very but very promising.

  4. But how to PM you? :)

  5. Anyone interested, please PM for details. This is an ultimate collection of early live works completed from best possible to find sources incl. previously unreleased stuff.

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