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New Bob Dylan on Thiman and new Guns N Roses

The amazing Thinman label continue to meticulously document Bob Dylan’s Musical Retrospective tour with their latest two releases.  Iron Waves (Thinman 090/091) is a two disc set with the Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco show on November 12, 1980.  This is the silver debut of the entire show which is notable for having the only live version of the Rundown classic “Caribbean Wind” and is described in enthusiastic detail by Paul Williams in Bob Dylan Performing Artist Vol. 2.   

Masters Of The Bluff (Thinman 092/093) is a two disc set from Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon, on December 4th, 1980.  Like all of their releases of late this is the silver pressed debut of the final show on the Musical Retrospective tour and shows you that, despite the number of Bob Dylan releases there are still so many more shows that need to appear in this format.

Guns N’ Roses The Spirit Of ’88 (See No Evil-055/056) is a two CD and one DVD collection with the third show on their 1988 tour of Japan.  This is released to celebrate both the twentieth anniversary of the gig and the long overdue release of the latest Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy.  The manufacturers also hope there will be a reunion of the original line up in the coming year as has been rumored. 

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  1. Oh I wish these guys could put something back together again. Rock and roll is dead right now and even a rehabbed GNR would be a welcome tour over the garbage passing for bands now. But as long as Axl can sell out in places like Japan and Brazil, he doesn’t need the original band, and Slash can get by just fine.

  2. I don’t know Eric… at some point I can see them getting back together for a Reunion tour for big $$$…It may not happen until Axel’s new band tanks and has trouble selling tickets maybe after the curiosity factor wears off in a few years? but I can see it happening if he is more reasonable in his demands with the other ex-members…..In any case for me Chinese Democracy is a decent release but it is GnR in name only..That band ceased to exist when Slash quit……..If Axel had any honor he would call it what it is a solo album…

  3. Take my word for it when I say that there will not be a GNR reunion. Especially the original line up.

  4. Thanks GS, Several GnR fan sites which list bootlegs list this show as being rated an “A” in quality so hopefully this is a good quality release..If I pick this up I will submit a quickie review…………

  5. Hi Pharaoh. No, unfortunately there aren’t any plans at the moment to review this title. It does look pretty good though.

  6. GS, any plans to review the new Guns N’ Roses The Spirit Of ‘88 (See No Evil-055/056)title? good quality 1988 titles are rare and i need a new show as the MTV Ritz show is getting old…

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