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New Empress Valley

Empress Valley released an interesting new title today called St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (EVSD-507/508/509).  This is a three disc soundboard from the excellent February 14th, 1975 Nassau Coliseum gig with the entire show.  Initial reports say this is in very good mono.

The packaging is the same as used with the other 75 soundboards from the label: a flimsy digipack in a slip case.  There is a special extremely limited Murder Incorporated Edition limited to “only” 200 copies and priced higher than the already high priced normal edition.

Above scan courtesy of Broken Arrow 

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  1. I got today my copy of THAT’S ALRIGHT NEW YORK and I can say that quality is simply stunning.
    I am not interested discussing about a fight between labels, I love all the good stuffs.
    I can only say that this new GR is very far to be a cheap rip off….very curious about the forthcoming review and thanks to the CMR stuffs for the great job!

  2. No question about it. All these theatrics with this “high maintenance” label do not move me. Quite to the contrary. They detract from my listening experience. Sounds like Empress Valley caters exclusively to the elite and are infinitely touchy to a fault which is indicative of poor customer service . Thanks but no thanks. Who needs the headache…

  3. I didn’t get a free review copy of Having A Fit.

    “In earlier reviews, you stated you didn’t have conclusive evidence that Eel Grass was a copy label. Now, you seem comfortable in the fact that they are nothing but a copy label.”

    I think you may be confusing me with Bootledz, who know more about Eelgrass than me. I’ve always praised Eelgrass for making affordable very expensive tapes enabling poor collectors like me to obtain them. Re-read my Eelgrass reviews and you’ll notice that in each one I point out they are a copy of an EV or MVR release.

    “When other labels have released Destroyer, you sarcastically spat all over them.” Which ones you have in mind? I reviewed Destroyer on non-label and Eelgrass and SODD. Which ones have I spat on?

    And I nitpick with every release.

    Godfather is prestigious because they have excellent packaging, excellent sounding tapes, and a phenomenal variety of artists they cover. They have issued amazing Bruce Springsteen titles, and are the only ones issuing Madonna shows (and I’m a huge Madonna fan). I’m not an engineer, but I’ve read they greatly improved Flying Circus. What’s wrong with that?

    This is very dramatic. We’re up to forty-five comments now, more than any other post. I may have to pull this entire post down and completely ignore Empress Valley in the future. EV has such a heavy vibe, man. It’s all good, Wilbur. You’re acting as if EV were your label ;-)

  4. The point I was trying to make on the non label release was that they are re-RE-issues. When other labels have released Destroyer, you sarcastically spat all over them. When Empress has done re-issues you complained about them regardless of the sound quality of the release.
    In earlier reviews, you stated you didn’t have conclusive evidence that Eel Grass was a copy label. Now, you seem comfortable in the fact that they are nothing but a copy label.
    To pick my own little nit if I may, Godfather can NOT possibly be releasing a REMASTER because they would need the original tape to be a Remaster (Someone will immediately comment upon reading this that you would need to have an original multi track to do a remaster). This is nothing but a re-equing which I don’t see as making a label prestigious but that’s my opinion.
    As a few comments have pointed out here, you don’t nitpick equally with every release. It’s the way you write about EV that gets people making comments. Personally, I don’t see comments or discussion on this site as bad things. I’m a little surprised you call it drama? Did that many people write in response to your comments?
    Looking forward to your glowing review of Havin a Fit. Please don’t forget to mention you you got a free review copy

  5. “IF Empress had done that, you would have torn them a new one.”

    You know what they say about making assumptions?

    I praised the two no label Zeppelins in the new release section, not because they have a sticker, but because they are excellent titles. I should know because I listened to and compared them both.

    Regarding Tarantura, I complained about their mastering on their tapes. They have since improved and are releasing sterling product. In fact, Having A Fit is an incredible release and will be reviewed soon.

    I never mentioned Eelgrass spending tons of money on a tape. EV might, but Eelgrass are simply a copy label, which is a good thing.

    Regarding Godfather, who says they’re hiding anything? They’re not saying it’s their own tape. Of course it’s sourced from the EV soundboard. My point is that they are not releasing That’s All Right New York for a quick buck, but because it is a remaster worthy to be on their prestigious label. Also keep in mind Godfather is not a Zeppelin label. In fact Zeppelin is really a side project to their more relevant releases.

    And I nitpick with every release, but only EV get upset by it. What suprises me is that St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is the first time I’ve mentioned EV in months (except for posting some of my older Hotwacks reviews) and there is tons of drama. I did review the George Harrison releases on Mid Valley and gave them excellent reviews, but maybe I shouldn’t have even mentioned this one.

  6. They need to lighten up and not take me too seriously. Nobody really reads this site anyway and is really irrelevant.

    I think you greatly misunderstimate yourself if I may borrow that somewhat clunky phrase. We all DO read and appreciate your web site. As pharaoh wrote, when you use words like “high price dud” and pick every nit with EVSD and not other labels, people start to sense a bias… Didn’t you use to complain about Tarantura titles all the time and yet now you’ve stopped?! You pretty much wrote glowing coming soon notices about the non label European LZ titles Destroyer and Southampton. The only difference is that this new re-re-issue has a STICKER on it saying they are limited to 30 copies!!

    IF Empress had done that, you would have torn them a new one. Why the difference?! If it’s all based on price OR the fact that you get review copies from some labels but not others, could you please disclose that important information in your reviews for fairness sake?

    It’s not so much that Eel Grass isn’t hiding their agenda but that they are ripping off another label’s hard work and as you wrote something that they originally spent tons of money on. Waiting five years to release Flying Circus on Godfather is NOT the same as releasing the tape source, it’s still releasing nothing more than a copy. If they aren’t trying to hide it and are proud of their work, why not stand up and admit it? Why does the five year gap make it OK? You telling me they spent five years in the studio re-doing it?

  7. For the asking price I don’t think any flaw is trivial. But, it is my money and that is my opinion. And when it comes to my money, I am extremely biased and picky which is a right we all have.

    Regarding EV, I’ve heard good things about their recent DVDs and the Chicago 1975 release, but again they are priced too high for my taste so I can’t confirm nor can I write about them.

  8. Understood GS you are certainly entitled to your opinion after all reviews are nothing but an “educated” opinion..:))) Just wanted you to know how your comments like “high priced dud” and “act of hubris” were perceived and seemed out of place in this case. I can understand if you were commmenting on the EV disaster of the 73 MSG working tapes which were a fraud. But the flaws in the Nassau board are so trivial it seems like you are looking for reasons to bash this release and EV in general. Based on other responses I don’t think I am the only one who interprets your comments in this case as possibly being biased and less then objective. In any case you do a great job so don’t take my comments personally as they were were meant as constructive observations….

  9. In the strictest definition of the term, of course my opinions are biased. That is what makes it an opinion. You are free to disagree with me, but there is no such thing as objectivity.

    Regarding my past statements, not all EV titles will be reviewed, not because they don’t support my website, but because I simply can’t afford to buy everything they produce. I can’t spend tons of money on titles just because they’re new and need to be reviewed. I hope this makes sense. Now if EV were to donate titles to the staff for review, then there would be reviews for everything.

  10. AA, related to the Godfather’s newest 2/12/75 MSG title, “That’s Alright New York” I doubt this is a multitrack but there was a fan produced matrix of this show by Blue Congo, a member, of the RO forum where he combined the EV SB with the excellent audience recording available from this show, which I have not heard, but is supposed to be incredible and supposedly blows away the raw EV SB. I am wondering if this is what Godfather pressed or whether they did their own Matrix? Maybe this is why the GF release sounds like a multitrack??? Any other opions??

  11. I have no loyalty to EV and only buy selected titles because of the cost. Most of my 75 Zep SB’s are on the Eelgrass label due to economics but I do buy selected EV titles when finances allow as I respect them for paying for and releasing new Zep titles which probably would stay hoarded so I am just a silver boot fan who appreciates their efforts. Your comments like “high priced dud” because they they did not complete the show by splicing in probably less then 30 seconds of a mediocre audience recording and your opinion related to RnR being shrill and EV not fixing this is an “act of hubris” sure sounds like you are expressing some type of anti EV bias at least to me….

    Again not trying to flame or bust your stones but I think you are being a little less then objective in your comments related to EV titles.
    Just curious you have made statments related to some EV titles that they would not be reviewed as they don’t support this site. What excatly does that mean?? just curious…..

  12. “You will find that perhaps as many as two whole people out of hundreds call this exciting new source brittle or shrill.”

    I’m only speaking for myself.

    “It might also help if you listened to more than one song from a questionable download.”

    I’ve gotten up to “Over The Hills” now, so that’s three songs.

    “Will your review be based on a download?”

    What review?

    Eelgrass fills a very valuable place in the Led Zeppelin collector’s community. The can offer what most of us can’t really afford. And again, Eelgrass have never hidden their agenda.

    Yes, Godfather’s That’s Allright New York is the same soundboard from the EV Flying Circus, but it isn’t a quick knock off. This comes five years after EV initially released it and the only reason why Godfather is issuing it is because it is a careful remastering project, not a quick knock off to get a buck.

  13. Perhaps, you need to take a break from classic lit to read some reviews of the show on other web sites and forums as well as your own. You will find that perhaps as many as two whole people out of hundreds call this exciting new source brittle or shrill. It might also help if you listened to more than one song from a questionable download. Will your review be based on a download?

    I think it’s pretty easy to criticize and no matter what Empress does with any source, someone will always find fault with something including packaging, etc. In my very humble opinion, I feel the tape was left “as is” so that the purchaser could eq it to their own taste.

    Although I was only joking about Wallmart, I’m fairly certain anyone anywhere can purchase this release without too much trouble (although the limited edition version might be sold out).

    Eel Grass is in business just like every other label. Their ONLY intention is to make money just like everyone else in a free market society. The reason that they can sell CDs cheaper is because they are ripped off from Empress (as I mentioned before) and have basically no overhead. People are certainly free to buy a knock off Gucci bag, but at the very least they should be honest about it.

    So, you mean to tell me that Godfather’s new release of That’s Alright New York is NOT a copy of Flying Circus?? Nor is their releases of Royal Albert Hall Inital Tapes a rip off of the Empress release? Will you still be saying this when they continue to rip off Empress boards in the future?

  14. How am I bashing EV? My comment about the collectors in Osaka was an observation, not a complaint. If “Wilbur” is arguing that EV need to charge a premium to offset the copies that are going to be made, then perhaps EV should alter their marketing strategy for their releases.

    Personally I buy most of the titles I review on this site just like anyone else, and for those titles that are donated I criticize just like any other. So I have no bias except to speak for the common collector, those who are not wealthy enough to drop hundreds of dollars on inferior product.

    My concerns about this release are with the distasteful cover for the “Murder Incorporated” version and with the tinny cymbals that make the listening unpleasant.

    There is such a heavy, bizzare vibe surrounding Empress Valley. They remind me of a dying corporation who are ultra sensitive about anything said about them. They need to lighten up and not take me too seriously. Nobody really reads this site anyway and is really irrelevant.

  15. GS, first you have an issue with the label artwork for the LTD version. I can understand that as some do find such images offensive..then you had an issue that EV did not splice in the audience for the preshow intro and a cut of about 15 sec’s in the music..O.K. I know some are picky and want complete shows, with out digital clicks etc… but now you are complaining that RnR is shrill and EV titles are hard to find?? I don’t hear it myself but then again I am sure my High Frequency hearing has been blunted by years of loud concerts with no ear plugs before I became wiser, so I will even give you that as sound quality is very subjective. But you are beating down EV about their limited availability in Osaka?? Not trying to break your stones but you seem to have a serious bias against EV? Could it be related to the fact, which you have stated many times, that EV does not support this site with comp titles for review?? I think this site is the greatest resource for boot collectors which has ever existed, and I appreciate yours and other hard work for no monetary return, but I worry that your obvious dislike for EV is colouring your judgement with respect to their releases…Do they put out stinkers now and then? sure but bottom line is they are about the only label sourcing unreleased Led Zep shows, in supurb quality no less, and I have yet to hear one where the mastering of these SB’s was an issue IMHO. Again just my opinion but I think the 75 Nassau release is one of EV’s best when you consider the quality of the performance and the superb sound. It is one even the casual fan will enjoy…. So seriously what gives with your EV bashing??

  16. Does Empress Valley sell in Wal Mart? I missed that.

    I’m reminded of the character Cassandra from Homer’s Illiad. She is the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, the King and Queen of Troy. The God Apollo fell in love with her and gave her the gift of prophecy. When she didn’t return his love, Apollo cursed her so that no one would believe her. She is commonly offered as a figure of a mixed blessing.

    Yes, Empress Valley release an uncirculated soundboard. But don’t bother to work on the tape so it sounds very brittle.

    Nobody is criticizing the label for finding these tapes. They are truly great to have. Yet if EV are concerned about recuping their loss, maybe instead of charging a premium they could maybe expand their market outside of Tokyo. I’ve read that collectors in Osaka can’t find St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

    Eelgrass are upfront about their intention, which is to offer these tapes for normal collectors instead of the super weatlthy. And for that, they are to be commended.

    And Godfather don’t copy the big releases of other labels, but are truly around for collector’s sake and for the love of the craft. The only label I can recall who claimed one of the EV soundboards as their own is the Beelzebub CDR label, but nobody takes him seriously.

  17. Personally, I think it’s quite an act of hubris to believe it’s Ok for Empress Valley to “spend tons of money on this” but not expect collectors to be charged a premium price for it even as hundreds or perhaps thousands of people download it for free and other labels such as Godfather & Eel Grass rip it off while claiming that “their” versions are original and different.

    But, nah, you are probably right. Empress should simply stop releasing these boards because oh maybe two people out of the hundreds or even thousands that downloaded it and who knows how many actually bought it (must be doing OK as I don’t see it in the bargain bins in Wallmart) think it’s not worthwhile or the package is not cool or it’s missing the ultra cool must have band introduction.

    I would pretty much call that a HUGE positive consensus.

    So, Empress people if you are listening, why you don’t you save the “tons of money” and stop releasing these now?! Collectors and music lovers, don’t worry, I’m sure Eel Grass, and Godfather and all the rest will keep releasing new boards at very reasonable prices out of the goodness of their hearts and love for collectors.

  18. I think there is some confusion here. That’s Alright New York on Godfather is a remaster of the February 12th, 1975 Garden tape. That will be reviewed in full soon. I’m not sure why you’re mentioning it on the page devoted to the February 14th Nassau Coliseum tape. And while it is admirable to get a consensus on something, bootleg collectors are like Lutherans: put two together and you will get three opinions. I listened to “Rock And Roll” from St. Valentine’s Day Massacre from a dowload (the closest I’ll get) and found the shrill upper end to be annoying. I couldn’t imagine what three hours of that would do to my eardrums.

    While it is commendable for Empress Valley to spend tons of money on this, they should think about remastering the tape. Releasing it in this condition for the price being asked is an act of hubris.

  19. Astroidbelt -> I have compared both and Godfather sounds really like a multi-track. There is a large difference between sound. EV has very dry sound while Godfather is very “live” and especially vocal sounds like it was taken from a separate path. It reminds me Southampton January 22, 1973 tape, where there is very similar effect. When I heard this for the first time, I was shocked and searched for a reasonable explaination of it but after few songs I have realised that there is not the same soundboard tape used. And when I compared these, I have found that Godfather is a real upgrade and definitely sourced from a true multi-track (or I am completely deaf). Anyway, after all we need some words from the side of true experts.

  20. I feel like it’s somewhat important to get a consensus on this release. I, for one, think it’s great, and what bootleg community is all about. This… our… community is what makes releases like this possible. We pay, so that tapes can be bought and liberated, right? Why bitch and moan about silly, minute details such as cuts and missing seconds of tape? Let’s celebrate a new SB coming out because of us!

  21. Can’t agree that this is just another show from 75 Eric…Sure the set list is similar but the performance is outstanding surely up there with the Seattle 21st show as best of tour and every Zep show is different in delivery. Jimmy is especially on this night and Roberts voice, while still a little hoarse, clears up nicely as the show progresses, much better then the MSG show two days earlier…. It is definately a Stereo SB as you can hear Jimmy’s guitar pan left to right during “Dazed” but like most SB’s from the 70’s the stereo seperation is subtle not wide and defined like a multitrack…must have for any Zep fan….

  22. Well, I think the quality of the recording is very good, but Plant’s voice is almost shot. As for the performance, ‘eh, it’s just another show from ’75. If you have one, you’ve heard it already.

  23. It’s nice to see Empress Valley bringing out the warmth in everybody…

  24. Also, this release is in stereo, not mono. Maybe it’s the fact that the bass is so loud on the first few tracks that throws some people off. But it is most definitely stereo. Listen to the drum solo, and Page’s bow solo. S-T-E-R-E-O.

  25. AA, that is completely untrue. Anyone who says differently is obviously just pushing advertising for their own label.

    Empress Valley is the only one that has released original tapes for all of the 75 soundboards that are currently on the market. All other versions of the 75 boards that circulate are copies sourced from the original EV releases. This is a fact. If Godfather is releasing their own version of this board, it is 100% guaranteed to be sourced from a copy of the EV title. Expect a similar copy from Tarantura 2000, Wendy, and Eelgrass. But at least Wendy makes affordable titles, and Eelgrass is open about their releases being copies.

    And, by the way, these boards are from the soundboard, not from multi-tracks. The only multi-tracks that exist for 1975 were made at Earls Court.

  26. AA -> I appreciate Godfather as much as the next guy, but what I meant by “new” was actual new content… not a remaster of something that has already escaped the “vaults”. Now can someone define what ‘is’ is?

    blackie -> I’m SURE someone will remaster it for you and release it next week, but in the meantime turn up the bass on your amplifier!

  27. The dream is turning into reality with Godfather’s newest title, “That’s Alright New York” of soundboard tape. I have compared it with original EV and one thing I must to say that EV is required to be trhown out from the window. Godfather’s title sounds as it was taken directly from a multi-track recording, not just an usual soundboard tape. It remainds the official quality of “The Song Remains The Same” really. No doubt there will be a great and very representative review of this title very soon.

  28. it’s funny to think that ANY other label could even dream to deliver any new LZ even close to this hot can dope!!!!

  29. i think it’s also worth noting that the sound quality is tremendous, with virtually no hiss — and i would agree with the air raid website in rating it as superb; as apposed to excellent or merely very good…

  30. just got mine and this sounds really like a 70’s FM broadcast direct from the master. really compressed (mono i suppose) but also really hot and jumpy which leads to an exciting performance sounding perhaps even hotter. i’m quite pleasantly surpised!

  31. Just got my regular release version of this show (nice tasteful black and white photo of Robert and Jimmy in action on the slip cover) and have to say this is an excellent quality recording. Nicely balanced but Robert and JPJ are slightly upfront. It is similar to the other 75SB’s but to me resembles the Vancouver release sound wise and is warm with enough audience noise in the background to keep it from being dry….I have only listened to disc 1 here at work but have to say the band is hitting on all cylinders this night….Must have for all Zep fans!!!

  32. Getting back to the point here… I think wilburs FIRST comment was spot on. What is MOST important is the musical content of the title. I think we have some new exciting musical content regardless of the artwork.

  33. Funny how the artwork can differs people.

  34. I drive a Dodge Dart!

  35. Hmmm – I did find the execution used for frontcover extremely tasteless and offensive as well – to use on ANY R&R release; and well worth being commented on.

  36. I never commented on the Early Days cover. I don’t even own Early Days for that matter because I think the covers are stupid.

    But since the Early Days cover was mentioned, maybe EV could have really done a better job if they photoshopped Led Zeppelin into the St. Valentine’s Day massacre photo like the Early Days cover, or like Led Zeppelin II where they were included in the Zeppelin flight crew. Have Jimmy Page with a bullet hole in his head and Robert Plant with his head on his lap. Maybe Bonham could have his legs sawed off and John Paul Jones in the corner with a dog eating his fallen intestines. Now I would buy that just for the cover! Of course I’d just leave it lying around my room to scare my mom when she comes in to clean my room.

    Or maybe EV could have just forgone the whole mafia motif and have a boring old Page and Plant photo on the cover, or maybe the picture from the concert where Plant is holding up the bra.

    Some boot labels are extremely touchy and sensitive. I’m being silly. To quote and old tv show, “just say to yourself I should maybe just relax!” I really don’t think my goofy comments are important and am astounded that anybody takes me seriously. And I’m happy you all enjoy the website. You do because it is the greatest resource ever invented with the greatest writers around.

  37. So I think the gist of things is that the title & ltd edition cover, although tasteless to some, would be OK if this was a 2/14 Chicago show and the subtitle wasn’t Murder Incorporated. EV is really mixing up the mobs here which is how historical annals get skewed and rewritten. After all, bootleg artwork is how I like to learn my history ;)

    If ya don’t like the massacre cover, just buy the cheaper non-limited version! (or not! and wait until someone fills the [what sounds like] really MINOR gaps with the AUD recording)

    It’s within everybody’s right to nitpick, but it sounds like this new, exciting SB source is basically complete and quite far from a “dud” — that sounds like misinformation… I’ll be quite happy to receive mine with historically inaccurate cover intact!

    Personal nitpick — the titles/covers that worry me are the Nazi stuff [see T2K’s Swastika]… Violence is sadly everywhere (especially between mobs/gangs in this case) but Nazism is a more touchy subject.

  38. I think the point is that BOTH events (Zepp show & the famous mob hit) took place on the same date in history. Unfortunately, you can’t change where a historical event takes place (well, I suppose these days you could with photo shop) anymore than you can change the date of the event.

    Sadly, since Zeppelin didn’t play Chicago on Valentine’s Day nor did a mob hit take place in NYC on that date nor did the mobs change nickname in the two cities, you just can’t have it all.

    Seems to me you are holding a double standard on the NASA photo from Early Days. I’m sure with careful checking (or someone just as nitpicky chiming in) the photo would be revealed to be from a specific date and style of space suits worn. Yet NOT all the Zepp songs on the CD are gonna be from that year. Why is that OK when you complain about the Valentine’s Day photo not matching the correct mob or correct location?

    Can’t have it both ways, my friend…

  39. No no, the limited edition has a picture from the Chicago mafia, but it is a New York show. And the title St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is from an event that occured in Chicago, not New York. Yet Murder Incorporated is the New York mob and has nothing to do with the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

    And the Early Days CD cover is alright because, technically, Led Zeppelin weren’t in the NASA Apollo missions.

    What makes this site great is that there is no such thing as being too nitpicky.

  40. Wow, let me get this straight… it’s no longer enough to get the pictures on a CD jacket from the correct year & tour & exact show, but now Mafia pictures have to be correct too??

    A brand new killer soundboard is released from a fantastic show and you are complaining about the limited edition set being from the NYC Mafia NOT the Chicago mafia??

    So, I suppose you’re gonna complain next that the astronaut suits on Early Days CD were from the wrong mission too?

    I love your reviews and site but don’t ya think this is gettin just a tad too nitpicky?! :)

  41. Thank GS, I understand your frustration but if that is all that is missing, and no missing music, then I would say good job to EV for continuing to bring us these unreleased SB’s. I am sure somebody will fill the gaps at some point and you will have the complete show. Wendy’s always does a nice job with this so maybe they will take up the challenge….

  42. To quote from Takemi’s review on Underground Uprising: “It is also a small regret that the soundboard did not capture the famous opening announcement saying ‘The American Return of Led Zeppelin!’ as well as Robert’s interesting reference to ‘Tangerine’ after ‘Dazed And Confused’ is finished. However, the soundboard presents the great show in almost full length.”

    I admit I’m an uptight and obsessive Zep collector and having small bits like the “Tangerine” tease missing from the tape are infurating and make me wonder why the audience recording wasn’t used to fill in the gaps.

    But I will reiterate that the front cover of the Murder Incorporated version with the bloody corpses is in poor taste. (And Murder Incorporated were a nickname for New York mobsters in the 20s and 30s and have nothing to do with the Chicago St Valentine’s Day massacre).

  43. Hey GS, It is not a complete show?? Can you be a little more specific as to what is missing?? Don’t know as I would say this is a dud since this SB has never bene released before and it is supposed to be one of the top 3 75 tour shows but it would be a shame if someone is holding back part of the show…….thanks……….

  44. The front cover with a photograph of the February 14th, 1929 Chicago gangland execution is in really poor taste and highly offensive. And it’s a pity the tape isn’t really the complete show. Looks like another high priced dud by Empress Valley.

  45. Copyright laws differ between US, Europe and the Far East. Although releasing unauthorized music is illegal everywhere, there are some loopholes that allow the production of music when the recording is older than 25 years or so without paying copyrights. So I guess the reason why customs opened your package was routine. Possibly anti-drug control, etc.

  46. Just thought I would change the subject here. I don’t remember where it was originally discussed about customs opening packages, but I just had my first one opened. It was a Fedex, everything on the inside was fine. I wonder if they know what it is they are looking at? St. Valentines Day Massacre is on order though, and I’m looking forward to it.

  47. Air Raid rates this set as “Superb Soundboard”

  48. I’d dispute that (and I don’t work for EV or anything)… It’s actually the exact same price I paid for both “St. Louis Blues” and “Conspiracy Theory” but slightly more than “Snow Jobs” [though the limited Murder Incorporated Edition is pricey]. As an aside, the early releases on EV were EXTREMELY expensive! So its “cheap” relative to those times.
    Of course it’s true that Eelgrass will certainly copy it (and price it at about half the cost). But in a way, Eelgrass will have done basically zero work and done nothing to acquire the tape. And they’ll never dig up anything new. Of course, it is their right to copy EV.
    But I’d rather buy the original version from the people who dug this up. And at least some of that $ will go back into digging up something new in the future.

  49. It is bothersome that the new soundboard is priced higher than the previous 75 tapes on Empress Valley.

    Given how things work, unless you have to have the EV, there will be more reasonably priced editions of this tape released shortly.

  50. While the price is indeed high, at least we have something new and exciting… not the same old re-churned tapes. Personally, I’d rather pay 2x for something fresh than regular price for old news. It’s worth shelling out for the escape of these tapes and thus supporting future releases like this. EV seems to be the only label able to get ahold of new SB/uncirculated tapes once or twice a year…

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