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New Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd on the horizon

Tricone is release another intreguing Eric Clapton title.  Perpetual Black (Tricone 017/018) features the November 27th 1981 show in the Niigata Kenmin Hall in Niigata, the opening show for that tour of Japan.  I’ve never heard of any tape circulating for this show so it will be interesting. 

Pink Floyd Echoes In Montreux (Sigma 53) features the new tape source for the September 18th, 1971 Montreux show. 

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  1. Just now read DLee’s post from 1/5/10 . Very sad news to hear about Wojtek’s passing. I never dealt with him for trades or anything , but I sure spent a lot of time on his site over the years referencing his Floyd info. What a shame . Rest In Peace Wojtek.

  2. ‘Echoes In Montreux’ (Sigma 53) is a different source tape to ‘Labyrinths Of Coral Caves’ (Sigma 21)/ ‘Live In Montreux 1971’ (The Swinging Pig). Musicaly, ‘EIM’ has an extra 1.5 mins approx at the beginning of ‘AHM’, which includes Roger’s introduction. The SQ is excellent, being slightly brighter than the other source, although it does have more crowd noise near the taper and, indeed, the sound of the mic being buffeted during the opening bars of ‘Echoes’. There is also a throat-clearing cough during the ‘footsteps’ section of ‘Cymbaline’. At time of writing, I cannot decide which source I prefer and am likely to keep both titles until we get the brightness of ‘EIM’ but without the mic noise, murmuring and cough: it’s not bad but it stops me immediately declaring a winner. I reserve the right to be fussy…

  3. Well, as for Sigma’s new “Echoes in Montreux”, I’m still willing to try adding whatever comments I’ll be able to that might be helpful to anyone, but WGPSEC doing his own review of it is most likely much more preferable here than the possibly idiotic long-winded ramblings of someone who may even have somewhat defective/damaged ears – if you know what I mean (or what he means). :-)

  4. I have Echoes In Montreux on Sigma. I will be getting into it very soon and will post a review.

  5. I should prob. be able to give a brief summary about the Sigma 53 “Echoes in Montreux”, as I’m due to receive it from the Eastern Hemisphere in approx. a week or two (or 3 or more if the postal systems are slow), although I have absolutely no idea whether or not Jayne Brook (originally Jane Anderson) would like it or not. I do like the way AHM & ASoS are isolated on Disc 2, w/ ‘Cymbaline’ being “moved” to Disc 1.

  6. The Pink Floyd is supposed to be good, but nobody I know has heard it yet. And as of now there are no plans to review this title :-(

  7. Any more info on ‘Echoes in Montreux’?
    Is it a true upgrade or just another source? Anybody gotten a chance to listen to it yet? I’m guessing it’s NOT an upgrade as there is no Definitive in the title. Is this title receiving a review on CMR?
    ~~*~~*~~*~~ RIP WOJTEK ~~*~~*~~*~~

  8. Not a Floyd fan but very sad news anyway.
    RIP, Wojtek.

  9. Is the Pink Floyd title likely to be an upgrade over “Labyrinths Of Coral Caves”…?

  10. As for the new non-Clapton Floyd release by Sigma, at least the front side of the front insert looks cool.
    Also, I don’t know how many Floyd boot enthusiasts here knew or ever appreciated the great contributions of “Wojtek” of Poland who was responsible for one of the greatest, if not very best, comprehensively excellent sites on the entire whole ‘Net about Floyd boot material, but perhaps it should become known here that “Wojtek”, with whom I personally did several postal snail-mail CD-R trades with a few years ago, tragically passed away on New Year’s Eve after a lengthy serious illness. I had already suspected that something unfortunate had sadly happened to him many months ago since his site was updated only once in the last 15-18 months or so after having been updated much more frequently than that. Wojtek’s passing away is a major loss for many Floydians. RIP, Wojtek.

  11. I too look forward to listening to “Perpetual Black”. It is a very promising release!!!

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