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new Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Aerosmith

A full slate of interesting titles have been released today.  Aerosmith Club Gigs 1973-1974 (ZODIAC 008) features soundboard recordings of shows in Paul’s Mall in Boston on March 20th, 1973 and My Father’s Place in Roslyn, New York on July 2nd, 1974 on two CDs.

The Price’s Trust Concert 1986 Complete (Beano-067) is a two disc title of the event held on June 20th, 1986 in Wembley Arena.  Featured in the show are performances by Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, Big Country and a rare 80’s live appearance by Paul McCartney.  

Eric Clapton Excellence & Elegance (Beano-069) is a two disc set focusing upon the first orchestral night at the Royal Albert Hall on March 3rd, 1991. 

Isle Of Calf Festival 1986 (Beano-068) is a two disc set with the July 3rd, 1986 set at Kalvoyafestivalen, Kalvoya, Sandvika, Barum Kommune, Norway.

Jeff Beck Miracle Finger (Calm & Storm 037) is a 2CD set featuring a new recording of the December 17th, 1980 show in Budokan. 

And finally, Jeff Beck Veil Of Darkness (Wardour-104) features the November 8th, 1989 show from The Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts on one CD. 

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  1. Thanks classic. 9 broadcasts but only one, or now – if this new release is correct – maybe two have ever seen the light of day? It would be unusual for so many live broadcasts by the same station so close together – great if true, but I’d need more convincing, especially as the tracks used for ‘Live Bootleg’ are from the night we already have (whatever the correct date). Bands are often unreliable with dates – see Rattlesnake Shake and Walkin’ the Dog on Pandora’s Box, which, as you know, are misdated 1971. (Bands are fortunate we fans keep careful records!)

  2. For the Aerosmith title they played at Paul’s Mall 9 different times in 1973 and all were brodcast on WBCN. The Zodiac label is claiming CD1 is from March 20th while the ‘Hot Popcorn’ (Mongoose Records MONG CD 015, 1991), and the ‘Boston 1973′ (Darkside Productions DP-00-11) titles are supposedly misdated and are from April 23 so if what the label claims is true this is the first time this show has seen silver release. But I agree the new Zodiac release is most likely the same as the other two releases.

    You can check this out at this fantastic Aerosmith fan site


  3. STOP PRESS! Just found a photo – Paul’s Mall! I stand happily corrected. Actually, the photo has cropped the ‘P’, but the frontage also has ‘Jazz Workshop’ amd the #733 – the club’s address was 733 Boylston St.

  4. AFAIK it was Pall’s Mall, or maybe Palls Mall, rather than Paul’s. CD1 of this release is the broadcast by WBCN-FM. It HAS been previously released on silver, as ‘Hot Popcorn’ (Mongoose Records MONG CD 015, 1991), and more recently as ‘Boston 1973’ (Darkside Productions DP-00-11). CD2 I have as ‘Live Bootleg Vol 2’ (Ironic Records 005, early 1990s). I’m likely to buy this title, so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares. There are some excellent 1982 and 1983 Aerosmith shows, released on CDR, that I’d love as silvers – it’s about time that era was given its due.

  5. If it really is the Aerosmith March 20th show it will be the first time this has been released on silver and it is a radio show.

    the 1974 show is nothing new.

  6. That Aerosmith release is odd… I’ve seen those 2 shows on various bootleg trade lists for ages. They are listed as SBD’s on these trades lists – so I wonder what the difference is between what is out there and this source?

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