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new Eric Clapton, Who and Grand Funk Railroad (!)

Eric Clapton We’re All The Way (Tricone 065/066) features a new audience tape for the well-documented October 7th, 1977 Budokan show. 

Eric Clapton Journey Of Faith (Tricone 067/068) features the December 10th, 1990 Nagoya show.  The label released the same show almost seven years ago on By Your Side (Tricone-009/010), but this new release features a new, previously uncirculated audience recording. 

The Who Forest Hills 1971 (no label) is a four disc title featuring the two shows in Queens, New York on July 29th and July 31st, 1971.

And finally, Grand Funk Railroad Korakuen 1971 (no label) features Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan July 17th, 1971.

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  1. Made me think of so few grand funk silver discs; why are there so few humble pie or quicksilver messenger service silver discs? Bands that on a hot night put on a terrific show!

  2. I have a gfr Show of theirs from Atlanta 1970 that is quite good; was hoping this would be equivalent; sadly disappointed.

  3. I do not usually make such negative remarks about many shows; alas, this grand funk show is nothing more than noise; made me feel as if i put a match to $28; rather disgusting release!

  4. This Grand Funk title has been released just because it is a early japanese gig. Japanese gigs sell well in Japan…

  5. It’s bizarre that the only Grand Funk Railroad silver released in many years has to be so awful. I really wonder what the manufacturers are thinking? If you’re going to release something by a not-often-booted band, why not use a great sounding tape of a great show with some recognizable hits?

    I know I sound provincial when I say this, but it doesn’t even have “Locomotion” on it. It’s not their only hit, but it is the only song of theirs I know.

  6. Went back and TRIED to listen to the new Grand Funk; it must be the absolute worst recording i’ve ever had the misfortune to hear; far worse than the old stones piece-All Rights Reserved; just a heads up for those contemplating purchasing it!

  7. Hey Pookie. Would you like to submit a full review? Just write one and send it in.

  8. This Clapton show titled we’re all the way has one of the most intense stormy monday versions i’ve ever heard; i have heard many ec versions of this; all ec collectors will love this show!!

  9. On further listening; the Clapton-We’re All the Way show on Tricone is a top of the line audience recording; the performance tight with a blistering version of Badge and Bottle of Red Wine; a must have for the Clapton collector!

  10. The quality of the Grand Funk is awful-noise;a very poor recording; on thew other hand the Clapton-We’re All the way is an excelent audience !!

  11. Does anyone know if this Grand Funk Railroad is considered a common source? Not too many labels are willing to press their shows and I’m very curious about quality and performance if anyone picks this one up?

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