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New Godfather

Rolling Stones West German Roll Over (GR 500) contains the Essen, Grugahalle, show from October 7, 1970 with bonus tracks from the September 18th Cologne show. 

Queen Sun City Boys (GR 501) contains the soundboard fragment from the Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana show in South Africa on October 19th, 1984.

Thom Yorke A Thom For Peace (GR 502/503) has Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK, February 25th, 2010. 

Bob Marley and the Wailers San Siro (GR 504/505) has the legendary Milano concert from June 27th, 1980.  This show was recorded in front of 120,000 people making it the biggest attendance of any Bob Marley show ever.

Stevie Ray Vaughan The Things He Used To Do (GR 506) contains the Pre-FM source originally recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour of the Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec, early show on August 17, 1984.

Kiss In Your Face(GR 507) contains an audience recording from O2 academy, Islington, London on March 2nd 2010.  According to the label:  “On March 2 2010 Kiss blew the roof off the O2 academy in London. The band was on fire, ripping through a ferocious set for only 800 lucky fans in attendance!  The night proved that, deprived of the pyrotechnics, the blood and the fire, after more that 35 years, can still stand on their stackheeled feet as a great Rock and Roll band!”

Led Zeppelin Conquering Kingdome (GR 508/509/510) is a three disc set with the video soundtrack for Zeppelin’s July 17th, 1977 Seattle show. 

Bob Dylan Tears Of Rage, Songs For An Age:  Bobdylan.com Masters 98-99 (GR 511) contains various tracks from the late nineties. 

Kiss Kissology:  The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 1975-1983 (Apocalypse Sound AS 191) is the second volume of Kiss television and other appearances, dating from 1975 to 1983, the final days of the first make-up era. 

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  1. My replacement CD’s play perfectly as well. Excellent sound quality as usual from Godfather makes this a great release to seek out.

  2. I got today the replacement of the 3 discs from my retailer and they play 100% fine. You should ask the same thing to your seller bostonbro. P.S. I haven’t the tarantura version so I cannot compare the sound.

  3. Godfather acknowledges there are pressing issues with the Kiss and Zeppelin releases and are correcting the mistakes.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed Godfatherecords’ Zeppelin releases, wonderful art/packaging, date selection, and top notch mastering, but after I received my copy of Conquering Kingdome, I was tremendously disappointed. First, it’s a straight copy of Tarantura’s Jupiter and Saturn (TCD-45-1~3) with different track markers. Second, trying to rip an EAC is like pulling teeth with rusty needle-nose pliers. Plagued with read and sync errors, and disc 3 tracks 5&6 have a loud strange clicking sound. The reason I own all of their Zeppelin releases is because they always produce a quality product that is slightly different than the norm. You can always hear the “Godfather touch” …. but now all I have is a bad copy of Jupiter and Saturn with different art work.

  5. I’ve listened to the Dylan and SRV and both are excellent quality.

  6. Not a fan of Godfathers mastering but they get an A= for diversity of artists….

  7. Like stevie and others, excellent packing.

  8. I couldn’t agree more Stuart. There are less silver discs period these days and we can always count on Godfather.

  9. excellent. the Don is back with another eclectic & colourful collection of artists. that there so very few Bob Marley silver disks on the market makes this one a small oddity & it’s nice to see a solo Thom Yorke there too – it’s nice to see the Godfather isn’t just about the money & is willing to try something else.

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