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new Godfather

Bruce Springsteen A Family Affair (GR 512/513/514) is a 3CD set containing Genova, Italy, Stadio Luigi Ferraris on June 11, 1999.  

Pink Floyd Riding The Cow (GR 515/516/517) is a three disc set with the April 13th, 1975 San Francisco show with bonus tracks from Fillmore East in 1970. 

Peter Grabriel New Blood:  Orchestra, No Drums, No Guitars (GR 518/519) contains the March 28th, 2010 O2, London show. 

And finally, Jimi Hendrix The Other Side Of Axis (GR 520) contains Axis Bold As Love sessions from 1967. 

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  1. We will have a review posted eventually. We’ve not received these titles yet.

  2. If there’s not going to be a review of The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1-CD release “Other Side of Axis”, which arrived for me last weekend, then I might as well just go ahead & say here that although I was just slightly disappointed in the songwriting of the tracks that were never used on the actual original studio release of their 2nd album in any version, the sound quality is in fact as great as one would tend to expect for such studio material. Also, I don’t know how popular or well-known the song ‘One Rainy Wish’ is/was in particular, but the brief instrumental break in it, as well as in the ‘Golden Rose’ version on the boot release, is one of the most beautifully stunning & breathtakingly awesome ones I’ve ever heard. Much-recommended, as well as the booted studio material for the original official studio albums “Are You Experienced?” & “Electric Ladyland” also too.

  3. I have given Floyd a spin and not sure what I was expecting however this is a nice clear balanced release packaged with a nice insert. Top that off with a great show too!!! I’m sure a review will follow in the near future.

  4. Earlier this week, I had already managed to get The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1-CD digipak called “The Alternate Electric Ladyland”, and I like it very much – I assume/presume that there’s probably no other CD title of “Electric Ladyland” studio material that’s significantly superior. And so I’ve reserved an original of Godfather’s new “The Other Side of Axis” at my fave store in the Eastern Hemisphere – I’m betting that the probability of my not liking it is as probable/likely as P. Floyd’s legendary ‘Careful w/ that Axe, Eugene’ being covered on either Katy Perry’s upcoming 2nd album or Katy’s close pal Ke$ha’s eventual 2nd album.

  5. i think you’ll like the Hendrix release. The sound quality is an excellent stereo & the Love tracks sound even better than the main attraction. it’s had an enthusiastic outing today & i’m sure i’ll be spinning it a LOT more ..

  6. Like the floyd and hendrix very much, floyd has a long foto and the foto’s of hendrix are excellent to.

  7. The Gabriel release has 2 bonus from the day before in London (Mercy Street and The Drop) plus 2 songs from Paris (Wallflower (!) and Washing of teh Water), so includes all songs played during the short euro tour……
    I was in London, saturday march 27, it has been and extraordinary experience. Peter is a genius.

  8. GodFather you rock!!! The news of the Floyd and Gabriel titles made my day. So happy to see a silver of the Gabriel 2010 tour as it looks like he’s not releasing this tour as official boots.

  9. That new Hendrix release sure sounds cool. I imagine that I’ll probably be ordering it, and since I have the Rattlesnake’s label 4-CD of the “Are You Experienced?” studio sessions, then I suppose I’ll just have to track down a decent CD release of the “Electric Ladyland” studio sessions in order to pretty-much complete my personal collection of studio material for all 3 Jimi Hendrix Experience original studio albums. So I guess I’ll have some searching to do, but meanwhile, if anyone might be able to help at all by suggesting/recommending particular CD titles for “Electric Ladyland” studio material that probably aren’t too hard to track down, then that’ll be greatly well-appreciated – thanks.

  10. “The Other Side Of Axis” also features ‘The Blue Thumb’ acetate – Jimi’s session with Arthur Lee’s Love. As far as i’m aware it has been torrented previously but this is it’s first time on silver disk. Beautiful, beautiful cover too.

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