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Godfather announced their December releases starting with a newly found Neil Young recording.  Brother Ben (GR 688/689) documents the December 5th, 1989 show in Milan, Italy.  

Bruce Springsteen Thanksgiving Night (GR 690/691/692) is a massive three disc collection with the November 27th, 1980 New York show from The River tour.  This is the first silver release of the show, and it comes with bonus tracks from the following night in New York.  

Bob Dylan Down Every Street (GR 693/694) documents the October 14t, 2011 Bourmouth show.

Guns N’ Roses Rock In Rio (GR 695/696) contains their set at the Rock In Rio festival on October 2nd, 2011 from a soundboard recording.  

Madonna California Girl (GR 697/698) contains the July 21st, 1987 show at the Shoreline Amphitheater with bonus tracks from the April 23rd, 1985 Cow Palace show.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Come Back Wearing A Smile (GR 699) has the August 30th, 2011 Cologne, Germany soundboard.   

Peter Gabriel Live At Mermaid Theatre (GR 700) contains the BBC broadcast on October 19th, 2011.  Godfather, along with Virtuoso, have been paying more attention to Gabriel and have issued some really nice titles.  

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds One In A Million (GR 701) contains the November 3rd, 2011 BBC broadcast.  

Kiss Wet Wild Rockin’ – The Kiss Cruise (GR 702/703) features two sets on board the Kiss Kruise on Carnival Destiny with the acoustic show on October 13th and the electric on October 14th.  

Pink Floyd Happening At The Golden Circle (GR 704) contains the newly surfaced Stockholm tape from September 1967, the only audience recording to surface from the Syd Barrett era.  It also contains bonus tracks from December, 1969.  


Godfather’s next box set is Led Zeppelin Welcome Back:  How The West Was Won Tapes Revisited (GR BOX 08).  The three shows contained therein cover the three extant California shows from the eighth US tour.  Berdu contains the June 22nd, 1972 San Bernardnio show, A Night At The Heartbreak Hotel the June 25th Los Angeles show, and Wild Beach Party the June 27th Long Beach show.  Long Beach also has the three soundboard tracks from the show as a bonus.

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  1. qul006b: thanks for your info as well? I will also order it; this is definetly worth having on silver. Godfather scores big time this year and not only when it comes to Pink Floyd… Kudo’s to the Don!

  2. leearzap: Thanks a lot for your impressions on the tape. I will definately buy the cd.

    The original tape is an audience recording but made with professional mics and a Revox reel to reel recorder. So if this is from the airing earlier this year it is basically an audience recording of an audience recording. :)

  3. The tape is an audience-recording; for sure there’s some talking next to the taper, nothing disturbing or loud, though. From what I read on the internet it was taped during the airing. So, an audience-tape made this year. I don’t know if the tape that was played is a Soundboard-recording; possibly, since EMI was interested?
    I think it is great that a ‘Syd’-era tape surfaces but I would not buy it regardless ‘whatever’, just because it’s from that era. I want to be able to enjoy what I’m listening to, both musically and technically, if and when possible.

  4. Given the scarcity of tapes from the Barrett era good or bad sound probably wouldn’t be a deal breaker anyway. At least I for one would buy it irrespective of sound quality. It is just fantastic that a new tape has surfaced after all these years. I can’t wait to hear it!
    Does anyone know whether this is a recording from the Stockholm airing or directly from the master?

  5. Well, qul006b, I had a chance to really sit down with the Stockholm performance (The Golden Circle [Blue Cafe-292])
    It is a far better tape than the Copenhagen-tape, for sure.
    The tape is remarkably clear and has a perfect balance between the instruments (which makes my own theory about the volume; see above, not very plausible?) Unfortunately, the vocals, as mentioned above as well, are barely audible. Now from what I know this an audience-recording from the event, earlier this year, where the tape was ‘aired’ before a live-audience at the venue where it was recorded back in 1967. A “Surrogate-band” was on stage, dressed up as the Floyd in those days, mimicking the performance!
    For these ears, this is really worth it! Don’t know bout the bonus-tracks; they’re not on my Blue Cafe-copy. But I am more then happy to buy this as a silver-release for the Stockholm-gig, only.

  6. Regarding the vocals, I’ve heard that there might have been a problem with the PA. I think however, since the Copenhagen-tape has the same issue, that it might be due to the loud volume of the instruments. I’ve read somewhere that Floyd played LOUD in those days. Anybody got a better explanation? Because I’m curious about it as well…

  7. Until now I only had time to listen to it once. I will give it another spin tonight or tomorrow. At first glimpse; the tape sounds great and the performance seems topnotch. I’ll post a new comment about this tomorrow, okay?

  8. leearzap: I have not heard the Stockholm tape yet but did hear about the vocals beeing not very audible. A shame. But it seems to be a reoccuring thing with early Floyd. One might wonder if it was something partly intentional? Anyway, apart from that it is from what I understand supposed to be good quality both sound and performancewise?

  9. I almost lost my breath there when I saw the news about the Floyd release. There has been so much talk about this one, including some rumours that Waters would be present at one of the airings in Stockholm and that the record company wanted to buy the tape etc etc. Anyway, all that just sounded very discouraging and I never ever expected to hear that tape. And then, suddenly it is here!
    So, has anyone heard it? I understand that the vocals are low/non-existent, but that also seems to be the case at least for the Copenhagen tape from same year.

  10. If the Guns Rock in Rio recording is the live stream I would pass as Axl sounded terrible, off key, forgetting lyrics and the show was a trainwreck..he sounds amazing on the U.S. tour right now so I would wait for one of those shows to surface on silver….

  11. The Zep box is a MUST HAVE. Also the all new KISS release of last months Kruise is a goody with many rare, never heard live KISS songs like Getaway! I saw that the bonustracks include songs of the other night on the Kruise aswell as 2 songs on the soundcheck!

  12. This one is a good quality source, but… the vocals are not (or sometimes barely) audible. I believe it had something to do with a defect in the PA-system. I have a Pro-CDr of this gig already but I will order it anyway.

  13. Great news that the Barrett era Floyd Stockholm tape has come into circulation and will be available on silver. I have been waiting for this. It is not however the “only” audience recording from the era but the other two (Copenhagen and Rotterdam) are not very enjoyable qualitywise.

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