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New Godfather and Deep Purple

A new batch of Godfather titles was announced today…


Iron Maiden – Living In The Golden Years (GR 633/634) contains the excellent audience tape from Leicester, UK on October 14, 1986

Black Sabbath – Exstased In Fresno (GR 635) features the November 9, 1976 audience source from the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA.

Led Zeppelin – A Celebration For Being Who You Are (GR 636/637/638) is a three CD set containing a mix of the audience and soundboard sources from Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, CA on June 2, 1973. This set includes an 8-page booklet.

…and for the first time on CD, Bob Dylan – Roman Holiday (GR 639/640) presents the Rome, Italy show from July 5, 1998 in what is being called superb sound quality.

U2 – Live From The Mother City (GR 641/642) is an FM broadcast from Cape Town, South Africa on February 18, 2011. This will also include a 4-page booklet.

…and on DVD from Apocalypse Sound comes Jimi Hendrix – TV Experience (AS 201). This collects various television and live appearances from 1967 – 1969.

…also announced today are two new Deep Purple titles on the Darker Than Blue label. Master Of Blue Light (Darker Than Blue 106/107) is sourced from a stereo soundboard from Cologne, Germany on February 8, 1987 in what is being called upgraded sound.

…and finally Deep Purple – Battle Master (Darker Than Blue 113/114) another reported stereo soundboard upgrade from Milan, Italy on September 26, 1993.

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  1. Cliff is working on a review of the Sabbath release. It hopefully will be posted soon. I can tell you that it is a very good and clear audience recording.

  2. Did anyone get the Sabbath release? If so, how does it sound? I love Technical Ecstase and I’m dying to get this title.

  3. Hi Robert/ folks, I don’t know from what file-source the Sabbath Montreux come. If you wanted just one, I’d perhaps go for the No Label ‘Montreux 1970’. However, you’d not be unhappy with either, I’m sure. It is amazing how these marvellous tapes still occasionally surface.

  4. Yes, there will be reviews of all of the Godfather releases posted shortly.

  5. Is anyone planning on reviewing both the Maiden and Sabbath sets?

  6. I am after newest Led Zeppelin title and I have to say that thi is a huge (at least for me) improvement over few past titles, such as “Mary Kezar” (Wendy) or “Imperial Kezar” (Electric Magic). The sound isn’t amplified, the speed/pitch seems to be corrected and splice between audience and soundboard are done in a truly perfect way, not missing any note from actual show!

  7. Thanks so much aleebee! You are the man! Exactly the info I was looking for. I’ve heard the show (which is for sure a ‘must have’) but I haven’t purchased either title yet. Which one would you go for given that you own both? And what are the demos like on the Bondage title? When this show was first discovered, I also heard that the only source was lossy mp3’s. Any ideas on that? i.e. are either of these titles mp3 sourced?

  8. Re your Q, Robert, Bondage’s version wasn’t far behind the No Label release – I ordered as soon as I saw it listed and got both titles in the same order. The Bondage is mastered ‘louder’, displaying more clipping on Audacity, and sounding slightly the rougher of the two, but both sound great. There is a slight dip in the volume of the No Label after Iommi’s first play of the intro, no dout as the taper adjusted the recording level, but Bondage seem to have levelled this out. I have been collecting Sabbath boots since 1987, and this is definitely one of the ‘must haves’.

  9. I presume DTB are saying that ‘Battle Master’ is an upgrade to their previous ‘Lost Milan Tape 1993’ (DTB 010/011), which I got some 5yrs ago. Myself, I think I’d need to hear ‘Battle Msaster’ first, before I consider buying, as ‘Lost Milan’ is terrific, with all the instruments nice and clear. A cut or two, some distortion (eg Gillan’s screaming in ‘Child In Time’), and that truncated ‘Smoke’ are the only minus points. I also think ‘Lost Milan 1993’ has the better artwork, having seenn front and back of ‘Battle Master’.

  10. Really looking forward to hearing the Maiden title. I wonder if the Godfather tracked down the master tape or just tweaked the Langley release?

  11. I got the Sabbath Montreux 1970 a week ago and loved it. These new Maiden and Sabbath are in my wish list as well. They look promising to me.

  12. The new 1970 Montreux SBD is a great Sabbath discovery. I saw that Bondage has finally released their version of it with a couple bonus demos from 1969 ‘Discovery Of Madness’ [Bondage Music BON353]. I wonder if anyone knows how the no label release compares to this new Bondage title? Or will there be a CMR review?

  13. chambau, I honestly never heard the older sources but I can say that I thought the sound quality was better than average, even for soundboards. Yes Robert, I am looking forward to the Sabbath myself. I decided to re-visit some of my roots and picked up the recent no label “Montreux 1970” and was very pleased.

  14. I’m personally more interested in the Iron Maiden & Sabbath releases…. very cool. I’m sure they’ll be solid.

  15. wgpsec, do you consider both important upgrades to the older releases? I remember listening to them long ago and they had several cuts and sound was just average, considering being from the soundboard.

  16. I probably won’t have the time to review these Darker Than Blue titles but wanted to let anybody interested in them know that both of these sound excellent. Master Of Blue Light uses the audience source to complete “Child In Time” as well as for most of the the encores and Battle Master is an uncut soundboard with the exception of “Smoke On The Water” which unfortunately ends rather abruptly.

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